UAAP Cheer Dance Competition 2010! \m/

I used to just take glimpses of UAAP Cheerdance Competitions whenever Ate would watch on TV. I wasn’t really that interested because one, I don’t dance. I did one time in front of my batchmates and I did volunteer myself for the part but just because I was with friends. And second, because UAAP was for Universities and I was in Gradeschool! Ate didn’t even watched competitions live. Her school, Lyceum of the Philippines (it wasn’t a University back then, the name was changed a year or two before she graduated), wasn’t part of UAAP. So I didn’t get giddy and ecstatic about the thought of her watching and even hoping to see her passed by the camera.

But I remember that time when we did pyramids for PE. I just can’t remember if that was grade 6 or 1st year. Of course I was the one underneath most of them because I was the biggest (I’ve always been the last person whenever we fall in line). And I remember getting excited about it and even thinking of taking revenge by failing everyone so they would fall and realizes how heavy they are. I didn’t do that okay, just thoughts. Hahaha!

So when I entered UST, I didn’t intend to go gaga over school prides. Maybe it just came out naturally just like everyone else. Who wouldn’t be proud that you’re an Iskolar, Atenista, Lasalista or TOMASINO in my case? My school is part of the Big 4 in our country so why not boost confidence about it? The only competitions I enjoy during UAAP are volleyball and cheering. I became a fan of basketball a few months ago just because of Simon Atkins. I only know two player, and that includes him and Josh Webb who aren’t even from my school. Volleyball is acceptable because I was once part of a team (not just a bangko okay, even part of the first 6 and would always be chosen to serve first. Boasting because I missed it and wished I continued playing. :()

Last year, I watched with Phia and Arbie. I got an Upper Box B ticket from Shiela but they were in the General Admission so I just went there ’cause I have no company. And I started loving Cheer Dance a lot better.

So what do I think about the cheerdance this year?

I wasn’t expecting UST to enter the top 3. But I knew FEU and UP will be in. UST’s was not really good. I like their routines better last year than this year. It was wow-ed but it lacks it. Not really complete wow-ing. What did I just say? =)) I like the walking/fanning/life-sacrificing last year. And the one where they were walking while on pyramid positions. IT WAS OH-ZOME! But the problem was, they had lots of errors and there were tougher competitors. What I liked about this year’s cheerdance is that even if they had some errors, they were able to pull it off immediately because of their fast transitions. I was really hoping for more hair-rasing, jaw- dropping, kick-ass pyramids. But cliche as it may sound, at least may spot!

And by di wey, I have my own highlights that day.

– First, we were all nervous about not getting the ticket. We got it at 1PM and almost everyone was panicking.
– Because we were all hella bored, we just observed people passing by. Most of them are FEU people. I saw Tomasinos coming minutes after the gate was opened. I guess the Tamaraws all wanted to come inside first before anyone. :P
– Scalpers/Friends waiting for their buyers. The fun part about it is when they call each other and finds out that the person they’re talking to is just standing near them. Then they’ll suddenly make beso. EPIC! Just like what my cousin said, “Akala ko sa palabas lang nangyayari yun, sa totoong buhay rin pala.” Hahaha!
– We were seated not in UST’s crowd but in Ateneo’s. I was really with my 2 cousins. Tata is from FEU while Wuwu’s a fan of Ateneo and she was even wearing an Ateneo shirt given by (boy)friend who’s an Atenista. Tata parted ways with us and went to her friends. When Christian texted me saying that UST had no seats anymore, I just thought of tagging along with my cousin. But I was wearing a yellow top! My cousin just lent me his jacket so I could hide my yellow-eye-catching-top. We had a nice spot and we were even near a handsome booster. Hahaha! Good thing there were people cheering for UST so I was still able to cheer. But it was a lot different when you’re there with your schoolmates wearing the same color and shouting, “GO USTE! GO USTE! GO USTE! GO! GO! GO! GO!”
– The changing of the beat of “Eh-yo, eh-yo.. eh-yo, eh-yo.. eh-yo, eh-yo.. UST!” Sorry, I didn’t know. :)) That was my fave cheer pa naman. :P
– And last, feeling sleepy in between cheers because I was awake for more than 24 hours before that day and I only slept for more or less 3 hours. I fell asleep in the bus and in the cab on the way to another cousin’s house.

I’m hoping for a better CDC next season. UST, maybe we can bring home the bacon next year?



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