Wake up in the morning feeling like..

Almost 2 more months and I’m off to school again. I hate sleep depriving myself. Right now I’m sleepy because I only had 4 hours of sleep. I just realized that weeks from now, I’ll be regretting not sleeping those times that I just jump from Facebook to Tumblr to Twitter to any other social networking sites. So starting today, I’ll be sleeping on time. I’ll be sleeping more than 8 hours a day. I’ve been feeling sluggish the past few weeks and I know that this isn’t good. PLUS! I’m having major breakouts.

I googled what effects might sleeping deprivation would cause to a human. And man, those things aren’t really good.

– It has effects on the brain.. so that’s the reason why I keep on flaking with simple mathematical quizzes. (Facebook thing, Arithmetic challenge, I know!)
– Effects on growth. I still want to grow taller! I know I still can, I’m only 17. :D
– ATTENTION. I tend to be unattentive.. uhm, sometimes. :(
– Impairment of ability. Okay, I really promise to sleep at least 8 hours a day. It’s getting scary. :|
– Weight gain. Oh knows! Now I know why I am super fat.

Healthy living starts from yourself. I really need discipline. I need to stop using the computer endless times because it can affect my eyesight (which has perfect visions until now, or so I think!) and my laptop might stop working because I’m abusing it.

My head is hurting again. I have to meet somebody later at 6PM at SM North Edsa. I’ll take a nap and wake up at 4PM. Laters. :)


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