Package sent! ;)

Lately, I’ve been dreaming about things in mind before I sleep. And last night’s dream seemed real.

My cousin who got married in Italy went back here to remarry her wife. And Saab Magalona was there! I was stunned. I can’t even move from my seat because she was in front of me. Then she gave my cousin a watch. And she noticed I was looking at her. She made a Whut?!-gesture. And I can’t start speaking. Then finally I said, “I’ve been following you on Tumblr. I’m Jamie!” I was so giddy daw and she suddenly remembered me! I’ve been pretty active sending her questions on her defunct Q&A blog, tweeting her and even e-mailed her.

She e-mailed me back after sending her my first even fan mail. ;)

She e-mailed me back after sending her my first ever fan mail. ;)

She replied with “Bakit di mo naman sinasabi.” in a mataray way, got 2 watches in her bag, gave it to me and smiled. I really thought it was real! And I can’t believe she remembered me. Panaginip nga naman! :))

And why was I thinking about her? Hahaha! I was thinking about her and Jannel kasi! Jhen sent me a package a few weeks ago and I haven’t received it. And I also remembered Saab’s reply. I was wondering that I might not get both because Mom’s friend sends us packages once in a while and it goes back to them.

I wish I receive their’s though.


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