Five years of laughter. ;)

For 12 years, I was the apple of the eye of the family. I was the bunso. But on October 1, 2005.. things changed.

That day was a mixture of happiness, joy, nervousness and a lot of emotions rolled into one. But when I first saw her, I was awed. She was super tiny and super cute and I kept taking videos of her even though the glass did not permit a good view of little body.

Yes, I got jealous. I was more than the definition of jealousy. I wanted her to be away from us. I wanted her to be gone. I wanted her to be far from me. I thought of her as hindrance of things I want. I didn’t want her because she will get the attention of all those people who have been watching me for years.

But days passed and things changed. And my feelings for her changed as well. My day wouldn’t be complete without her making kulit. Without her asking for mik (she pronounce it that way until now). Without putting her to sleep. Without cleaning herpwet after her poopoo. I’ve learned to love that girl I used to not like. And not just love. There are times that I feel like being her Mom ’cause Ate‘s busy a lot of times. And every time Mama would always tell me “Mahalin mo yan kasi alam mo naman yung sitwasyon niya.” I would always cry and dig deeper a part of my heart for her.

Now when Mama would notice something about her and say “Parang ikaw!” It would melt my heart because even if I’m just her Eypi (she can’t say my name correctly so it became that way) we still have something in common. There are times when I would want to treat her as mine so she wouldn’t feel less loved. But seeing how the whole family treats her, it makes me more relaxed that someday, somehow she will understand her position.

So now, here’s to more lessons to teach you. To more pwet-washing moments. To more iyakan and asaran. To more mik making and learning to finally get rid of your bottles and switch to baso (I can imagine her saying “Ngayon bote, bukas baso. Bote-baso. Bote-baso!“). To more techie stuff (I’m teaching her to use the cellphone and laptop sometimes, hihi!). And to more mall shopping and spending Mommy’s money.

I love you labs ko and even if I tell that to you and I look like I’m joking, then think again. :) I wish you’ll be able to read this when you can finally read more than 2 syllables. ;)

Happy Birthday Chichi ko labs. Happy Birthday Amanda Breana Leonida! :)


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