Hello Subscribers! :)

Wow, akala mo ang dami niyo. But I’m just glad somebody actually subscribed to this blog. Even though I rarely write nowadays. And, oh my gosh! This is my first WordPress blog for 2011. Yay, yay. Woohoo!

I wasn’t able to make a year ender blog because Chrome flopped on me. It hanged so I had to close it. I was using Facebook and it has no auto-save so another boo!

2011? It started pretty well. School resumed last January 3. I hated that we go back to school that early with Christmas break hangover. I got over that already, though. My classes are going well too. We had a long quiz in Philippine History on Saturday and I hope I passed. I had blanks but I have more answers. Nothing so special had happened. So none to talk about just yet.

I have lots of New Year’s Resolution this year but this tops my list:

LEARN HOW TO SAY NO. I’ve always been, “Woah, I know how to do that. Sure!” or “I am free that day, let’s go!” I say yes without thinking sometimes. I say yes to this coffee break/dinner with friends even if I know I’ll be needing my money for the earlier scheduled day out with another group of friends. I say yes to this favor just because I know I can do it without thinking that I have more important things to do. Hello Jamie?! You’re not the only person here in this world.

But maybe, just maybe, the reason why I say yes is because I am afraid that they might not approach me again because I won’t be able to do those/to help. I don’t mind helping friends, but do they mind being friends with me?


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