I’m back to WordPress blogging! Yayy! I was able to connect this WordPress to Facebook! So after publishing this here, it will also be posted there.

So updates?

I’m with the Communication Arts Department now! FINALLY. I got to pass through everything.. From the shifter’s exam to subject evaluation to subject encoding and then of course, enrolling! I’m taking up beyond the maximum number of units. But I sure can manage. I only have 2 major subjects. The rest are almost interrelated to each other, weird how they are. I also did not take a PE class. I still don’t feel like it.

Hmm.. What else?

AH! I have new friends! We’re all still getting to know each other. But I’m glad I won’t be alone if I have a break which luckily, I don’t! My classes start around 11:30-12 and they end from 5:30pm to 6pm. I wish I¬†get to be in a good schedule next semester. But anyways, my main goal this sem is not to actually get that one, but to pass all my subjects!

Birthday’s coming up! I don’t feel like celebrating anymore. K. Bye.


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