An act of sorts.

In a world full of whimsical people, it’s hard to go without provoking yourself. Sometimes you just have to think about something that would put you more at ease and will make you start on a project.  I used to blog a lot. My multiply account is the eye witness of it all. And I noticed that every time I restart blogging again, I would tell myself that. Or would tell the account I’m in. Basically because I’ve been wanting to go to that state. To not care and just type away the thoughts. But something makes me back off: a topic. I sometimes wonder that maybe I am so preoccupied with my life and nobody would even care. But isn’t that my topic? I mean, I can go on and on transcribing every second of what happened in my day which will fulfill the itchy feeling my fingers get and just be a happy child because I was able to write.

A part of me agrees to that. But a part of it also thinks about possible readers of my composition. Of possible interested or maybe bored people who would even comment on this one. And until I write this down, my mind still wanders on qualified topics.

The real and honest truth is, I’ve been getting ashamed of my writing skills. We did our English paper in class and we were given more than an hour to finish. I found it hard to start. What words to use? How to even start the first topic/key sentence? I was only able to write on a three-page yellow sheets. When we were asked to wrap up and conclude on it, ideas suddenly came rushing to mind. I know I have something to say, but even my mind kept on procrastinating. I don’t know why it happened. Why everything suddenly felt blank. And maybe if I would be given a chance to edit it, I would definitely put more! The paper had been critiqued earlier this morning though. I have this strong feeling it has a lot of corrections.

Anyway, on a lighter note… I only had two professors for this day. My first and last attended, my second and third failed to comply! Loljk. And I got to “bond” with my classmates who aren’t even from Communication Arts.

I’ll have to say good bye now. I’m waiting for my favorite docu show, Storyline.

P.S. The title’s irrelevant I know, it’s the same title for my English paper. ;)

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