CA2 – Paper # 3

“My Amnesia Girl”

₁My Amnesia Girl is a movie about a girl who “forgot” about all her memories including the ones with her ex-boyfriend.

There are a lot of key signifiers in this movie poster. These are:

  • Post-its with different colors
  • Post-it on Toni Gonzaga’s forehead with the text: HU U?
  • Post-it on John Lloyd Cruz’ chest with the text: I LOVE YOU!
  • Bigger font size of John Lloyd and Toni’s name at the top
  • Bigger post-its in the background of the title
  • Scotch tapes on the bigger post-its and the one’s on JLC and TG
  • Toni Gonzaga’s reaction
  • John Lloyd Cruz’ look and smile at Toni

₂Those signifiers written above can mean a lot of things, which we call the signified. I am sure that whoever looks at this poster, the first thing they will notice are the numerous post-its fixed. As aforementioned, every memory in mind of Toni Gonzaga’s character was wiped out. So to remind Toni of all the things they used to have, post-its were used which is usually an instrument for notices. Also, the post-its may be reminders falling under different categories which the colors represent.

On the upper part of the poster, you will see bigger sizes of post-its where the title of the movie is positioned. It may indicate that the ones written on those notes are the most important. With that, if you’ll notice, there are scotch tapes attached. Post-its’ sticky parts may not settle too long especially if it is placed on the skin. It was may be put there to help the note stay longer so that the paper won’t fall which may lead to them forgetting it.

The title of the movie is positioned on the bigger post-its and has the biggest font size implicating that My Amnesia Girl is its title. One of the most vital things a movie should have is the title. So what’s about it? The name itself can suggest that it’s about a girl. Or it can also be about amnesia. Or maybe about a girl who has amnesia. It may also be about somebody’s girlfriend who has amnesia.

Font sizes may also connote different things. John Lloyd Cruz and Toni Gonzaga’s names on the top can signify something. It may bebecause they’re the lead actors of the movie. It may also mean that they were the ones paid bigger and because they are the most popular among the cast member.

Look at Toni Gonzaga. Her facial expression is odd and she has that note on her forehead. The sticky note says “HU U?” Probably, it was put there because her recollections are all in her head, where our brain is located. Her reaction complements it with a questioning face. She’s wondering why this guy is looking at her. She doesn’t know him anymore.

John Lloyd Cruz looks like he’s trying to mesmerize Toni. Maybe so she can remember her feelings towards him. He also has that post-it on her chest with the text “I LOVE YOU!” Unlike Toni who has no remembrance of whatever they had, John Lloyd has everything collected in his heart, his feelings. His heart may point out everything to Toni.

₃But if I don’t know what the story is and I have no idea who those are, I would probably say that even if JLC looks decent, he’s still creeping me out because of the way he pushes himself to Toni. I might add that the quantity of post-its is too much. Yes, it may be used to organize but I find it “OA.” Or maybe they’re posing in a silly picture. It’s like they’re a couple doing a funny shot with Toni Gonzaga wearing a pink top which symbolizes her femininity and JLC being manly in his green cardigan.

₄The apparent showing of a guy’s feelings for a girl is naturalized now. Before PDA (or Public Display of Affection) even existed, during the time of Rizal, Filipinas cannot flirt publicly. ₅They were perceived as women who are given respect by not touching them. In this time, when a girl is seen holding hands with or just being physically close to a guy, it denotes having a relationship. In the text, JLC is pursuing TG so he comes near her.

₄I have been using “post-its” since I started the enumeration of the connotations. According to, post-it is a piece of paper with an adhesive strip on one side, designed to be stuck prominently to an object or surface and easily removed. When you see a note with it, it may be important because the color’s catchy and it is placed somewhere you would easily find. It can be a notice that we have to do something at this hour until that hour. ₅Filipino time is something we would want to disregard especially in this competition driven time. In the text, the same purpose has been used. Though in that movie, JLC tried making Toni remember everything – even those unimportant matters.

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