Let me just do a quick blog.

I know, I know. I should be reviewing right now but instead here I am typing in my phone for a blog. I just suddenly felt an urge to do so.

So yeah.

Tomorrow is the start of hell week. If you ain’t familiar with it, it’s exam week for college students.

It feels so quick. A sem is about to end. My first as a CA student. Right before my friends and I went home, we went to UST’s chapel.

I remember one time Mama and I decided to go there to pray and ask God to help me get through shifting. And here I am blogging about my experiences in this department. And I know God will be guiding me this week. He’ll give me the strength, patience and perseverance to finish reviewing everything. Of course he can’t do all those stuff, 75% of it will be from me and the remaining 25% is my faith in Him.

Kung nakakasagot lang siguro si God ngayon, sasabihinin no’n.. Chop, chop Jamie! Start working!


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