Hello sembreak!

Hooray for the end of  this sem! Celebrated it with my friends Orange, Jec, Teo and, the hostess of the sleepover – Lis. Then she invited friends so we met new ones. Her brother (na mukha talagang twin niya swear!!), Nic and theor friends Sur, Larry, Miko, Marco, EJ and, Winona.

(L-R) Marco, Larry, EJ, Winona, Sur, Lis, Teo, Miko, Jec, Orange, Me

We went to Rockwell first to watch No Other Woman then went back to Lis’ house. Inuman + jamming + scary stories (slept around 6 in the morning!!) + lasingang bobo + lots of tawanan and kwentuhan = SLEEPOVER!!

At syempre, hindi mawawala ang video. ;) Here ya go! Medyo mahaba. :> May part two pa daw eh, Laguna na!!! :)

WHEREASIS Production: The ORANGE Angle Part Deux – Sleepover


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