Espinoza eh.

In times like these, my mind wanders.

As I’m typing this, we’re on the road of Pampanga on our way back to Manila. I’m listening to Sara Bareilles’ Fairytale. The cars’ speed is between 80 to 100kmph. Even if my earphones’ blasting with the music, I can still hear Mama bickering somewhere in the background. We stopped in a gasoline station to have the car filled. And I had to stop writing.

We’re back on the main road. Papa, who’s driving, switched seats with my uncle.

I love Pampanga! It brings me back to my childhood. When toll fees and gas prices were much lower, we would go there every Sunday. We have no house in Pampanga, but we have Nanay’s (Mama’s older sister) place to stay in. It would always be like a fiesta. Then we go to Tito Erning’s house to eat more! They have a farm of different kinds there and my cousins were the most hospitable I know.

Pampanga meant spending the day swinging under a tree with a blanket fixed by our Tito. Eating rice and different ulam with our bare hands. Opening a fresh langka and putting oil on our hands so the agta won’t stick when we start attacking the fruit. It also meant knowing SM Pampanga as the only building/hangout place we could go. Only Mcdo and Jollibee in San Fernando, no Yellow Cab.

Now, we just spend our time in one of the room’s of my Titas’ house either listening to songs, watching a movie, or catching up with our fave TV series.

We’re all still the same. Our voices are still loud and excited when meeting each other. Actually, good luck na lang nga kung mapauwi mo kaming lahat ng isang araw lang. We laugh and talk even more because we have additional member of the family. If only the conflict didn’t occur, maybe we’re more magulo!

When I get to have perfect lenses and a nice camera, I would want to start on a project. I would like to gather all my Mama’s sisters and brothers along with their own families and have this huge family picture I’ve been wanting to do. And solo family pictures for each with their own respective colors. It will be in a long frame. I’m marking my words, this will happen! ;)

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