Let Blood – Leonida

Today was pretty much productive.

I woke up to Papa’s nagging because we had to take off at 1PM for the blood donation was only until 4PM. That was around 11AM. We left the house at 2PM. We got in the hospital on time, thank God there was no much traffic.

Can you see that needle inserted?

My parents and I were supposed to donate but Papa wasn’t able to do so because he was high blood. Though they were saying that maybe because he had his blood pressure checked right after we arrived. It was Mama’s second time, she already did this before when they were still working in Dubai, and it was my first time!

I was more of giddy that nervous and even volunteered for it. I’ve been wanting to donate blood since High School. There was a blood donation drive when I was in 4th year High School due to our school’s foundation day but I wasn’t fit to donate that time because I had cough and colds. The second one, which was two months ago, didn’t push through as well because I had a class. And then finally, this!

The donation was for my cousin, Kuya Benjie, who’s undergoing dialysis right now. I honestly have no idea what and how it is but I willingly helped because he’s from my family, Papa’s side. We actually feel bad about their situation because of the hardships and everything they’re under including financial problems.

Anyways, if any of you wants to donate blood for my cousin, you can comment on this one or for a hassle-free way, you can go to Quirino Memorial Medical Center (it’s in P. Tuazon St Highland Drive Quezon City,) ask for the blood donation laboratory and put Benjamin Patricio on the name of the person you are donating for. Though I kind of think that the first option’s going to be better because you’ll have to give a paper to whoever is with the patient. Or you can give it to us instead.


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