I never was serious to pursuing Investigative from my NCAE result.

Written ‎Sunday, ‎December ‎04, ‎2011, ‏‎8:20:35 PM

I just thought about this now.

I grew up knowing there are a lot of people who are good at something I believe I’m also good at. Say writing, for an example.

But all those better writers I know, didn’t take writing as their goal to a better life. Most of them took serious courses in college. I’m not saying that Communication Arts is not on a serious level. But they took programs like Nursing, Medical Technology, or Accountancy. They all dream of having a license to be a doctor, a nurse, a lawyer which at some point became my dreams as well. But I wonder why they never stick to what they do best? I mean, all those jobs will take years before you actually are one of the best. I know books and the television is something I’m good at. And writing and talking and making observations of things. Plus photoshop and video editing but I never was serious to pursuing Legal Management even if I got Investigative from my NCAE result.

Or maybe I wasn’t that risky enough. Because come to think of it, our tuition fees are almost close. I wouldn’t have to worry about not getting to finish all those Science or Mathematics courses.  I just wanted to write, work for the television, be part of a production, be an EIC of a magazine and lately I’ve been thinking of going to a film school to be a director.

I had a batch mate who was offered a scholarship, so she could play in UST in return. She was given CommArts for a course but she declined it only because she wants to be a doctor (or a nurse, I’m not so sure.) I felt emotional pain. Do you think this course is JUST a course? I can go on and on to what this course will change you, how it affects you, and how it possibly can make you big.

I’m being such a defensive ass. But really, why do they want to be different from what they are good at. Oh gosh, I think I need a psychiatric help. Lol. Or better yet, I need to mind my own business.

Somebody answer? ;)


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