All the things that I plan, once written on a blog, happen.

I barely make a solid plan for a year. Last year, I only had one new year’s resolution I got to focus on (mostly were mentally noted so they weren’t really given much notice), and that was to learn how to say no. I guess I was pretty successful with that. I didn’t have to commit to things I’m not sure of.

This year, I want to be more specific with things I would like to accomplish. Let the bullets/numbering begin! Hehe.

  • To focus a lot more with my studies. I’ve been gradually regaining my old self. The one who studies for a quiz or recitation. But I’m still not as better as before. I still get tardy and groggy in the morning due to sleeping late. So that is what I have to change. My sleeping pattern and procrastination!
  • Ehem ehem Lose weight. Seriously. I’m turning nineteen this year. And it’s so hard to find the perfect clothes for my body size.  And also for my health. I’m not sick, don’t get that wrong (seriously you did?!) but being fat makes me prone to sickness. To a lot more sickness. ROOIIGGHHTT??
  • Spend less and less time on the internet. I really don’t have to be in front of this laptop. I can always just read a book or read the required readings for my classes. Or try solving Statistics problems. And besides, I have my phone so I wouldn’t be late with all the chismis. Hehe!
  • Stop whining about what I get made to do. Because complaining won’t make me finish what I’m doing.
  • I want to get inked this year. It will just be a text. I want to have “CAMBIO PERMANENTE” on my skin. It means Permanent change in Spanish. Because well, that tattoo is permanent and it will change me. ;)
  • Read 100 books and finally have a library to call. I’ll be spending on those more this year. ;)
  • SAVE MONEY! Which is a must. So I can buy more books. So I can go out with friends more. So I can get inked. So I can enroll in a gym to lose weight faster. And to buy my own lens! Excited for my dSLR this year. :>

Right now, that’s all I have in mind. I’ll probably go back to updating this when I think of more that I want to do. All the things that I plan and want to do, once written on a blog, happen. I’m excited for myself! Hehe.


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