Bakit list?

As my mom and her friend were talking about life and what they should do about it, I got to thinking that life is indeed just a cycle.

We are born on different dates. Raised by different people. Grew up in different places. But whatever you do, at the end of the day, you still strive for the future of your family. It may be not for your present family, but for the future you and the future husband and family you’ll be having.

Tita Lily said, “Tumatanda na tayo, kelangan naman isipin natin yung sarili natin. Tulad ko, isa na lang yung nag-aaral. Syempre pampalubag-loob na lang sa sarili ko yun. Na trabaho ako ng trabaho simula noon, kelangan naman bigyan ko ng pansin yung gusto ko.

And that hit me. That at the end of the day, your life and tragedies will depend upon where your hands put you.

That yes we may all enjoy life as how it was presented to us. We may go on and on drinking all the alcohols we see in our friend’s birthday party, smoke the stresses away, party like there’s no tomorrow, flunk on that one quiz you didn’t study for, and all those bad things you might have/want to do. You get to smile at that stranger, hug a sad friend, help a classmate or cheer up somebody.

My point is, life is barely predictable. You must enjoy things you like. Do the things you like. Follow your heart. But also use your brain. Because after all those partying, studying and what have you. You only have that future awaiting for you. Waiting for you to make it happen. Waiting for you to make it to reality. And your only problem is, how you will embrace it with such good vibes.

So before God tells you your time is up, why don’t you do things you’ve been meaning to do? Or make a bucket list just like me? *wink*

P.S. I was alone drinking a bottle of San Mig Light while typing this. Hihi. :>


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