Best day ever <3

Yesterday, I went to Eastwood with my good friend Cye. I had to take a video of bands and thought that Colt 45’s event is the perfect gig I can go to. Chicosci and Urbandub were there to perform.

My Saturday started bad due to stressful deadlines I had to accomplish immediately. The last video I had to finish (I also did a video for our Lit project and one for our major class, BroadComm, which both are group projects) is an individual task. So the camera, concept, and all things which will be shown are all from me. The lack of equipment was my main problem. I still have no camera. Even if Mama buys me in the States, it wouldn’t arrive on time because of the distance.

When I woke up, I immediately went online to talk to Mama when I saw Orange’s text asking me to do so. I was telling her about my dilemma and then suddenly, Cye replied to my text saying that she was going to come with me and lend me her camera. Before her confirmation, Ate sent me a message on Twitter saying that her friend Dave is also lending me his camera and will just message me to meet up.

So fast forward to that night’s event. I met up with Cye in Trinoma and we rode a cab from there to Eastwood. When we came there, we were already hungry and looked for a nice place to eat. I was craving for anything Italian (that doesn’t sound right. HAHA!) When we saw where Gweilos was, we thought of looking at who are already playing. We then saw Arcadia on stage. Good thing the bar was just across the restaurant, Pasto.

Mozzarella Sticks

Cye ordered this one. The tomato dip was yummy!

Pollo Cremoso

Cye, like me, loves tomatoes. It isn’t much obvious with our choice of food. This is penne with chicken, sun-dried tomatoes and roasted mushrooms in a garlic-cream sauce.

Di Carne

This all-meat pizza was the last one we ordered. We got really full, we only consumed half of the pizza. Did I mention that it’s 12-inch?

Cye and her Mango shake

That late dinner was about stories (because I last saw her June last year) and struggles with phone signals (we don’t know why!)

We have the same phone!!

When people started filling the place, we then decided to go outside to look for a perfect seat. Ordered a bucket of beer, took pictures, and bonded more.

Ze crowd.

A gig is not complete without a bottle of beer.

And then of course, the people we waited for. <3 Sorry for the crappy photos. I still have no weapons for Music Photography. I was so jealous with those photographers who had gorgeous lenses. AHHH Magkakaroon din ako no’n! Behlat.

Anyare Miggy? LOL.

I just noticed now that I only have pictures of the two Miguel’s. The last photo may pass as a band photo but then the other three guys are only partly seen. Boo!

While Chicosci was playing, I saw Gabby Alipe of Urbandub near us and immediately asked him for the video. He said yes!! And I was so happy. :”> Also after their gig, I asked Calde, Macoy, Miggy, and Mong and they gladly helped me with my project. I particularly like Mong’s video where Miggy interrupted and said he was also trying to stop the nicotine intake.

The day felt so surreal. And to top that, I saw Saab Magalona where she played bowling with her friends! It sucks that I didn’t get to say hi. STARSTRUCK might be a great explanation for that. And she was talking to the guys of Ernville, I was shy to butt in to their conversation. I kept saying “Oh my gosh!” to Cye. Nakauwi na ako’t lahat, nag-Oh my gosh pa rin ako! I know there will be next time. There has to be!

I even tweeted her hoping she might reply and get to see her again. Define desperate!

Before heading home, we went to Starbucks for coffee. The girl barista was so kind she lend me her charger. Cye and I were both running out of batteries. And the barista made me a drink which was supposed to keep me awake with five pumps (or was it shots of coffee?) We got really sleepy on our way home though. How weird. Haha!

She was so happy to be able to log in to Y!M. Lol.

Some of the things I included were just bonuses. I was really happy that my day ended perfectly good. And I was able to shoot videos even if I have no camera of my own yet. I was so hopeless the night before this and I ended up bringing it to sleep. But God has real ways of making you feel loved and providing you with things you need the most. If I wasn’t able to take a video (which will be presented on Tuesday,) I would probably fail. Not that I’m saying that I’ll have high grades, but at least I have a chance to pass.

This blog’s too long. And I’m not even satisfied yet. But this is how I came to compress all the good and bad things that occurred. Heehee. *wink*


Parang ito yung pinakamatino kong blog post. :D

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