Milk Tea and Friends

Defy gravity. I meant, defy boredom.

I’ve never had a holy week without my family. I mean, come on, besides the long hours of relaxation and bumming around with them, it’s also our way of feeling protected. Or maybe that’s just my own point of view. Holy week had always felt like Novermber 1. Only longer. I’ve always been secretly scared of holy week. Because I feel like Jesus is nowhere near and wouldn’t be able to save us from the danger we are in. You get that?

But this year’s holy week was way different from my past-cowardly-self. I wasn’t scared that much and was out of the house almost everyday. Monday was with Cye and Chichi in Trinoma.

Tuesday was with my Palong-palong friends! Kim, Christian, Jessica, (Kim’s sister) Kat, and I went to Moonleaf Fatima to have our dose of milk tea. And then to Kim’s after.

Christian and I met up with Kim and Kat in South Supermarket. Jeng was aleady on her way to Moonleaf so we decided to go.

Christian, Jessica, Kim and Kat

Moonleaf Fatima. Jeng came ahead of us and was done with her drink.

I got a Caramel Milk Tea. Kim and Christian’s were Wintermelon Milk Tea. Kat and Jeng’s were Lychee Nata. I missed milk tea-ing. :)

Fierce daw eh? HAHA!

Pinagbiyak na bunga lang?

With Kim.

I missed hanging out with theses people. It took us long to meet because of school works. The time, place and people were all so right. Moonleaf Fatima just opened which is two jeepney rides “away” from us. It was Holy Week and we’re all enjoying our vacation before OJT (Jeng, Kim) and summer classes (Christian, me) start.

We were hungry and were craving for siomai. Too bad the Siomai House outside Moonleaf was close. We then decided to go to Kim’s place to continue the laughter and kwentos and hacking each other, which is pretty much usual for us now.

The two cooking pancit canton. “Cooking” Lol.

Hacking mastermind of all masterminds.

Checking all her accounts to see what Christian posted.

Hackers unite!

When with these people, you have to make sure your phone is locked so they won’t hack your accounts. Kim’s the very lucky victim this day because all her accounts were open. Her laptop, iTouch, iPad. Kulang na lang pati phone niya i-hack. Hahaha! ETA: On second thought, nahack nga pala siya ni Christian.

Christian, Kim, Jessica and me. The fight to dominating the frame.

Too bad She wasn’t available and Pau wasn’t replying at that time. Jessica went home earlier than us. Us three planned on sleeping over that same day but I had to go home to change clothes, take a shower, and ask for permission. Unfortunately, Papa didn’t allow me. So sayang.

From Kim’s iPad.


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