I know what you did last summer ;)

Top: Bien, Nesh, Paul, Cymon, Me, Kuya Nikko, Ate Roxanne, Ree, Vico
Bottom: Ivan, Renzo

Summer suddenly became my favorite season. Well to begin with, I have no favorite season. I have no choice, you know. Okay, I have two. But the weather and temperature is not the point of this post. I really should stop trolling now.

Tep, Cymon, Paul, Renzo, Vico, Ivan, Mario, Don, Bien

I wasn’t supposed to take World Literature for my summer classes. But because Pritz decided to take RC in our second sem, I came up with the idea that I should just too, so I can have it with her. I really thought summer classes were going to be a pain in the ass only because it will take away the bumming time and spending endless hours with friends.  Also, because the first week of classes were in a state of chaos due to the number of students in each class. In my Math600, we were almost 80 students which later was divided into three sections. My Philippine Literature was okay. World Lit was also divided into two.

Summer seemed like a combination of second time takers due to being gago, of advance takers, or of those who just lacked the credits to pass. But then I was wrong. Some were still gago, yes. But everybody was cooperative enough to attain the good grades we all want. Particularly, my World Lit class.

With Bien and Nesh (who got more drunk with cigs LOL)

I didn’t know how it happened, but there is something about my classmates that makes me excited to go to the classroom. We were all too quiet at first because Sir Ferdinand Lopez is our Professor. And he has a reputation of being scary. I later on found out that it was a good kind of being scary. It was more of intimidation because he really is smart. And also because I am personally intimidated with gays. And don’t ask me why.

ANO YUN HA? Shit my face.

On our last two weeks, we were asked to do a wedding (which I will blog after this) and a speech choir. It was the reason why we all got close. Why suddenly we were all pissed at someone. Why suddenly classes were more alive. Why suddenly we all can laugh at the same thing and talk about it. And because we were bonded too much, well okay not too much because of the short time, we celebrated our last day with alcohol. We also invited Kuya Nikko, who we got as trainer for our speech choir, to join us. I seriously thought that we will only be few. But number of people gradually grew as the sun sets. Yes may ganon. Hahahaha.

We decided to hold the “party” in The Pit which is the nearest place to everyone. LOL near. Sisig, Red Horse, San Mig Light, San Mig Apple, Calamares, Chicharon, Boy Bawang, what else? Sobrang lokohan, gaguhan, baliwan, tawanan, kwentuhan, lambingan, artehan, sunugan (I have a remembrance from this night, yung paso ko ng yosi ni Nesh,) batuhan ng Boy Bawang. HAHAHAHA! Fun night.

I love this shot!


Two out of the three favorites of mine in class. Sayang wala si Tashi :(

After The Pit, some went home and some of us stayed.  We transferred to Tapsi (na closed na daw? Totoo ba? Buti I got to go before they closed it down LOL) to “chill.” And their definition of chill was to drink more. HAHAHA! I got drunk in there I don’t remember anythis after I peed. I am such a failure. Only pictures of the set which I didn’t edit minus the watermark because the lighting in Tapsi is so purrrdy. :>

But seriously speaking, summer taught me two things. One, to not be afraid of being active in class again. We all didn’t know each other because we all came from different colleges in UST. In regular classes, I would be with a block section who already knew each other for a year or two, and that shouldn’t hinder me from asking my Professor or reciting in class. Two, to not be afraid of guys. At home, I only have a sister. In high school, I was surrounded mostly by girls. College came and I’m part of a group of girls. I suddenly opened up to guys who were not gays. I suddenly was comfortable talking to them. Well, sino ba namang hindi magiging komportable kung sampu lang kami out of thirty-two students sa klase, diba?

Cymon and Jay

I already miss them and I wish we all could get together even if we’re all busy with our own commitments and academic lives. But one thing I’m super sure, this summer is a season to remember. ;)

LOL somebody from the other table =))


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