Update for July

Yes, I am still alive. This school year has got me preoccupied. So for blogging’s sake, I am writing right now to share a few changes here and there.

Breana likes seeing her face in pictures.

First off, I had my hair chopped. I got tired of my long, permed locks. Actually, no, it was already drying up so I opted for the shorter hair which, by the way, my friends liked. Though I had my “do” changed weeks before the 27th, the deed also became my way of saying good bye to my 18 year old self. Good bye as well to a lot of things, a shift of my attitude and perception towards studying, my being more mature and taking into considerations people I have yet to classify as important, and driving my self to be more responsible.

Second, I am now an AB Journalism student. I know, I know. This is my third course already. But fate and destiny and God’s plan lead me here. I was kind of hesitant at first but God gave me the strength and courage I asked him to be able to accept what he had laid me to walk through. Some PEOPLE were shocked  and were quick to judge but my FRIENDS were happy that I was going to be part of a department where I excel more and where I do better—writing. You see the difference? Oh, if you what I mean. *wink*

What else? Oh! I took a job offered to me, by a friend for a friend, where I write and get paid. I was doubting, at first, if I can do it because the topic is not that familiar but it was good to go so I accepted it.

Pwede na ba? HAHAHA!

Also, I’ve been getting into sketching and drawing. I joked at my friends that next year, I’ll probably shift to CFAD. Not! Hahaha!

I can’t think of anything anymore. But those are just, maybe, half of the updates I have in mind. But I feel so sleepy already so my brain won’t function much. I just hope they suspend classes tomorrow. Good night! :)

One thought on “Update for July

  1. hmm, im kinda intrigue by the job you had. what was it? c’mon, you can spill it out naman gurl… (feeling close MODE)

    anyhow, 3 thumbs up kc hnd lhat ng tao kayang mag shift bcoz of time and money but i think you’re that well-off to do so. KUDOS to you and to your dreams! :)


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