Ish talk.

Excuse me while I break my darkest of habit a.k.a. stalking. LOLJK. I’m just really trying to be busy so I am currently away from blogging. And with papers piling up my almost used-to-be-systematized being, I don’t know how to come up with words and paragraphs to explain my insanity. My dictionary of words seems like it walked away and my drive to read books had been gone eloping with it. I am going to cut this introduction and will continue with the real reason I am blogging. Hah!

As I was warming up my brain cells with information about other people (good going, I think I got to hide what I was really doing,) I passed through the Formspring account of the lovely Queenie Cocjin. To call her lovely is an understatement. See her answer in the picture I posted above? Doesn’t she seem like somebody you would listen to endlessly on endless hours? Ang labo ko lang.

I remember one time, when I was doing the same unearthing of stashed up queries she got, I was amazed by how she answered an anonymous bitch (I hate anonymity, forgive me for that word.) Her answer was about not being too attached to problems, indulging in it  and letting it go. Because, you guys, admit it, we all are undergoing some tough time. And most probably than not, the problem you have is far easier than those who have diseases without cure, those who were raped, those who have lost their families, etcetera, etcetara. Something I realized from her point of view on that topic: for what it’s worth, fight fair and the world’s unfairness will surely be going to take your side and will stop punishing you.

And then I see her answer again (which is the actual reason why I am blogging, I keep repeating) whether she wants to be famous or popular. If I were asked the same thing, I would answer popularity. Why? Because popularity will surely give me perks and lots of benefits. And I wanted to be an inspiration and move other people through my so-called popularity. And there she goes again, changing my perspective on this one. I can share with people what I know without being popular. I just have to be a good example of what is really there to see.

You know, I’m not trying to be sipsip here with all honesty but I’ve talked to this girl about intelligent and unintelligent topics (oh you know, from the matter of the heart to what-nots) through BBM and she’s one heck of a brain. I don’t think that sounded right though. LOL. But she’s pretty smart. Well I know I’m smart too (bubuhat lang ng bangko sandali) but her way of looking up to things is a lot different from the way I usually do.

And then I’m done. I might sleep. Or I might study. Or do both. Doesn’t even matter anymore now, does it?


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