Ironic Disposition

Do you wonder how sometimes you can like or dislike two opposite things at the same time? Not the backstabbing kind of thing. Maybe being the irony of this world. Yes, you are the ironic one.

Today, I got to be alone again. I stayed in Starbucks while waiting for my next class and flipped the pages of The Girl Who Played With Fire. Just now, after typing the title, I realized why it was given that name. SPOILER ALERT. Because of his hatred towards her father that she once set him on fire. But the story left me hanging. I have so many questions, like what happened to the case, her relationship with Mikael Blomkvist, to Erika Berger and Millennium, and a lot more.

While contemplating on it, I was struck with hatred towards being alone. Yes, I like being able to clear things clouding up my mind but it also makes me think deeper than real reasons. It leads, usually, to over thinking. Plans suddenly are mixed up with doubts and I start rebooting to another plan.

It becomes a cycle and without knowing it, I have cleared up my mind along with the plans I initially planned to take. And then what happens? I got nothing to do because of the flood of thoughts that gradually filled me and then moved out fast after leaving me in a state of chaos. Now I’m stuck to being unprepared once again, even if, to start with, I didn’t want to plan.

And because I’m not planning and I just wanted to write this down, I’m going to turn this off and read my next book. ‘Till then! ;)

What can you say?

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