The art of… going out?

If you know me well, I barely go out to chill or hang out. Something I also need to change. Somebody indirectly asked if I even go out. And the furious, bitter me answered, “Oh, I didn’t know that there is a need to follow your standard of fun.” Of course, I was guilty as charged. And no, I had no guts to say that to anybody.

My need for security can be connected to the sign I was born under, Cancer. They say Cancer people would rather stay home, in the warmth of their family, where they feel they will be safe. I feel the same way around my grade school friends. Of course, because of the assurance that they are like a family to me. Don’t get me wrong though, I love my college barkada. They’ve been wanting to go to bars but I really don’t like the vibe of those places. I do go to gigs, where it’s also full of noises and people who are strangers to me. But bars such as Republiq, 7th High, and all those other famous places, seem to make me feel insecure about myself.

I mean, I see my favorite bands and get to sing along with them, and not mind whether I look like I came from the gym. But if I party, I have to look good and dress well. I have to maintain that until the night ends. Also, I can’t keep up with the rich kids. My friends are rich, I am not.

Moving on…

Last Friday night (yes we danced on table tops… not!) I went to Trinoma to meet up with Kim and Christian. The Cubao X revisit didn’t happen. I told them to wait for me and to not eat yet because, well, I was already super hungry that time. We then decided to eat at Sizzling Pepper Steak. It was my first time there. I ordered Pork Pepper Rice while they had the beef counterpart of my dish. I got to taste Kim’s and I didn’t like it. It tasted blunt. I loved my food, though. It was just right. I also found out that Jessica was going to follow from UP.

Po’k Peppe’ Rice! ECHOS.

My two dinner dates. HAHA!

We went around the mall and stayed on the 4th floor while waiting for Jessica. We observed the people passing by. Some looked like they were off to formal meetings, some were too casual, some were dressed perfectly right for the place. Yes, we are not perfect so we try to compensate by poking on other people’s imperfections. CHOS! Okay, we are not as mean as that. Ha ha!

I noticed just now that we are in our pants. We usually wear shorts when going out.

I did lose weight. I swear I did. The pants I was wearing is my Mom’s. Who was thinner than me by four to six inches. ;) And that duck face! Ha ha ha!

Waiting for the Diyosa. ;)

And then the Diyosa came. Ha ha! Jessica was her usual self. Her usual madaldal self. She wanted to enter Power Books so we did. And then proceeded to Toys R Us just ’cause. I missed being a kid. The feeling of not caring, of just being free.

Fur-off BWAHAHA!

Eto talaga dream ni Christian eh, maging cashier. Ha ha!

It would’ve been more fun with the whole gang. Shiela and Mico had their own separate plans. Jannel is in Canada, she has the best excuse for not being present. I didn’t have Pau or Chino’s number.

I missed them so much. The last time we all got together was when Kim’s Lolo died. That was roughly four months ago. I wish we can all get together somehow. Say, this coming sembreak? ;)

Wala nga ako love, may friends naman ako. :P

What can you say?

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