Breaking the Break

While a lot of people are busy refreshing myUste, I am in a state of boredom. Doesn’t really make a good comparison. Hah! I got to enter the website already but my grades are not there yet so I don’t care (for now)

Today ends the first week of semestral break. And to cap it off, I got sick during the day. I was just laying around all day watching 2 Broke Girls or The Big Bang Theory on my laptop, whichever finishes downloading first. It might suck for most people that I’m spending my vacation just focused on catching up with my series but I don’t mind. I really don’t get to do this during school days. Also if I’m not in front of this technology, I catch up on reading. I’ve been reading The Lovely Bones and it’s already a month since I started. After The Girl Who Played with Fire, my tiredness grew in along with my love for reading. How weird.

Well I’m not really a boring person. A part of me wants to delete the paragraph before this but I won’t because I’m a proud bookworm.

In my last blog post, I argued about going out and having fun. Well, for the first time, I went out with my college friends on a Friday night. It almost didn’t happen because of a lot of circumstances that occurred among us. But we got over it and we enjoyed the night so much. I believe it was because we were all open to what each one of us had in mind.

I really don’t know what to add anymore but I want this part to be published so I’m ending it with this. Or with this:

I love my college barkada so much. You guys have no idea how much strength they’ve been giving me whenever I feel down. Most times I don’t tell them but just the thought that they’re open to listening makes me feel loved. Just like what they say, we have our own beauty. And that I have to own the beauty that I have. I have the lowest self-esteem ever but they are there to boost me up whenever I need it (or not). Especially with the latest “tragedy” that had happened to me, they were just there to support. I love you girls. So much! ♥

Lis, me, Orange, Jec, and Pritz ♥


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