The real UST-UP friendship ;)

I promised Jeng (or Jess to her UP friends) that I’ll blog this the night it happened. It has been two weeks and two days. Ha ha!

Last December 7, a Friday, Jeng went to UST to submit her brother’s USTET form. She came right before lunch break so we had to wait a little. She said she wanted to eat. I brought her to Asturias where one of my favorite places to eat is located. We ordered Chiquito’s Buffalo Chicken Strips which Jeng enjoyed. She told me that the food was cheap considering it has already a glass of juice and “mixed” veggies. And that P55 is only half of a meal at UP.

After eating and consuming the time we had left, we went to TYK to do what Jeng really intended to do. It took us longer because it was the last day of submission and there were a lot of people who were there. Pilipino nga naman! We waited for the USTET forms inside a room in TYK, where I thought of coming with her to experience the state university. It was such a coincidence that I was not in my uniform because if I were, I wouldn’t really go. I don’t like stares. Really. I was in my yellow top because that day was declared a Yellow Day due to the PCCL finals. We won by the way! Sana talaga UAAP na lang yun.

Before going to UP, we had to take a detour to Jeng’s dorm for things she had to get. We even bumped into Nikki who is also Jeng’s roommate and our batchmate in high school. And then we rode the UP Ikot jeep (it was my first time!) to the Economics building. I forgot how they call the place.

She cut her first class because of the trip to UST and it was another coincidence that she has a break. We came even before 2:30 giving us a longer time to “bond.” Yes naman! Ha ha! I got to finally try UP’s isaw. We bought from a different stall because according to my tour guide (ha ha,) “hindi naman masarap yung *beep beep*” I had to censor the name to not cause trouble. She said that this other stall is much better. This was my order:

Isaw manok (2)
Isaw baboy (1)
Tenga (2)

We went back to their building to meet up with my niece Kathleen, who is Jeng’s orgmate, and chill some more. I also found out that they were having an event for the applicants of EcoSoc. I was so envious because, as I told Jeng, parties and org events should be approved first before we go on to what we want to do. And org applications are limited to the “application week” (hindi ko maalala yung tawag, sareehh.) Except for The Varsitarian maybe who accepts during the second semester. Also, because UST is a Catholic university, we follow a strict rule when it comes to clothes. I looked stupid and fatter in my pants. I enjoyed looking at their outfits though! The only time I felt sorry for myself for dressing that way was when I saw myself in the mirror. Ha ha ha! And by the way, Jeng’s last class was declared free cut. I don’t know why but fate seemed like it was teaming up with us that day.

#feelingartist #bakitbaakohumahashtag

Let’s move on from my self-pity to their event. Jeng introduced me to her college barkada. I love how she introduced me as her grade school barkadaParang isang in your face yun sa friends niya kasi I’ve know her longer kahit mas cool sila sa akin. Bwahaha, echos! The party’s theme was so cute! They had party hats, candies, candies and more candies, giant pizzas, chicken lollipops, pork barbecues, cotton candies, dirty ice cream, cupcakes, and games! It was held in one of the rooms. It was really the reason why I thought about blogging this.

Yes, you read her name tag right. She was supposedly the Goddess of UP. I guess her friends just got used to her daydreaming. :P =))

You guys are aware of bucket lists, right? Because of the event, I got to tick an entry off my list. I’ve said before in this blog that I’ve been to two schools my whole life. I wanted to be inside a classroom of a school/university I wasn’t part of. Be inside not just because I am enrolled there or because an event I am required to go to (say, MTAP.) Well technically, I wasn’t part of EcoSoc but I was physically present. Heh! Hindi ko na kokontrahin sarili ko, ha ha! Jeng said that the room is one of the patapon ones but regardless of its function, it is a classroom that their org used for something.

Little chocolate cupcakes

I actually had a lot of realizations when I was there. While I was seated in one of the benches and watching my friend be really hyper with her college friends. It was a sad realization though. That I should have studied well in high school so that I got to try for UP. So at least I had the courage to take UPCAT and didn’t degrade myself too much. That UP is really for smart people and I knew I can do it, as long as I don’t bum too much.

Don’t get me wrong though. I love UST more than you know. I love the experiences UST has brought me. I don’t think I’ll be this persistent if not for my university. I may not be as smart as those who are in UP or as fashionable as them, but I have the best darn friends you could ever have in UST. I am not saying this just because I am confronted by reality but because I know it is true. Also, I don’t think I can compete with all the geniuses in one school.

Maybe this is something I wouldn’t experience again soon. Or maybe something I wouldn’t experience again ever. But I’m just glad that even for a short time, I experienced to be an Iska. (Baka nga wala pa sa kalingkingan ng pagiging iskolar ng bayan yun eh.)


2 thoughts on “The real UST-UP friendship ;)

  1. Not all who pass UPCAT proceed to college at UP. I know this because I am a teacher and there will always be one, two, three or more who would pass that exam but choose to study somewhere else just like someone who passes a private university exam but choose to go to UP once he passes the UPCAT. That’s the good thing about our college here in the Philippines especially in Manila and Cebu, there are plenty of choices, each one caters to a student’s specific need/s. Finally, it is not really the school that matters most, it is you whether you would make the most out of each learning experience you encounter (inside the classroom or outside) or not. Good luck to your studies. May you all grow intellectually and emotionally as well. Remember, IQ is important but EQ is as equally, if not even more important.


    • Wow, thank you for the comment. I feel overwhelmed that a teacher commented on my blog! And I must agree, the name of the university is usually just an added bonus, it would always go down go down the student’s performance. :)


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