2B Kontinyud did really continue?


Hello there. *snigger snigger*

Whoever you are. Or if you’re not whoever, hello there Christmas break! It feels ironic that it’s almost Christmas but I still can’t feel it. My Twitter timeline agrees to this. Most people CANNOT feel Christmas. You don’t know how much I stressed the word cannot on my mind, all caps-ing it won’t work. Let’s not go on to that topic. My blog has more space for it.

Before break started, I had to watch a stage play required by my Filipino 3 professor. I thought I was going to be bored or pissed off about having to go there because that’s the only commitment I had to go to in UST that day. I am not biased just because I have close friends who were part of the cast. Okay, I’m not that close to Hazel but she’s the closest I can get in her class. Also, Cymon, who became a close friend of mine through a summer class. But I liked how their “Nagpipilit na musical” wasn’t really nagpipilit. They were really cute!

I especially loved Blueberry (played by my classmate, Jimcy,) Lemon, and Lime (Cymon’s role). Their voices were so cute I would actually pinch their cheeks if I had the chance. It’s weird that I’m talking about a voice. Let me put it this way, they sounded like kids. Not the irritating kind but the very cute-sy ones!

But let me talk about the play first.

2B Kontinyud was based on the game Harvest Moon which clearly I have no idea about. After seeing it though, I thought it was like Farmville except that you have to play from the start again if you stopped playing, just like Super Mario. And it was the point of the story. The starting again. That everything will always be a cycle.

I thought Mayor Thomas (who did such a great job) was the one in control but it was really Lime who was the controlling bitch. (I am sorry for the word, Cy. Ha ha!) Or maybe she wasn’t a bitch but she was controlling. Or maybe she wasn’t controlling, only doing her job. Which is really smart because she remembers everything. It confused me though a little because Lime remembers everything even if the real player, who had a virtual character, was the one controlling the game. See. Now I’m more confused.

What’s more confusing is that Pepito the dog fell in love with Carrel the farmer’s daughter. It was sweet in a super weird kind of way. Really weird. (Wag sana akong matahulan dahil sa komentong ito. Hihi.)

I can’t really sum up the story because I’m saving it for a paper due next year. It will require me to input thoughts about the play that I wouldn’t want to enter here.

But really, it was nice. I particularly liked when the two guys (nakalimutan ko rin names nila) repeated the scenes from the first few ones. Making it look like it wasn’t finished yet unless you got the idea of the story. See? I was paying attention!

I wouldn’t be able to blog if I didn’t. Hah!

Here’s the cast I got to watch. I took my own photos but the resolution of my crappy phone sucks. I still need to edit them and I’m so lazy to do so. I nicked these photos from their fanpage including the one above. I can’t find Doc and the other guy’s photos though.


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