Shopping Ba-haul

I had my hair trimmed today. You really can’t tell the difference. After Mama got her hair roots retouched, we went to North EDSA to buy stuff.

Knowing my mother, she doesn’t really splurge much on pricey clothes. She prefers cheap ones from the tiangge. The only time she buys them is when she’s abroad. I thought we were just going to do the grocery for our Noche Buena because I’ve been bugging her about what we were going to serve. Also because I’ve been wanting to buy the ingredients for a No-Bake Blueberry Cheesecake and Red Velvet Cupcakes. But then when we got inside, she asked me where were we buying clothes. We went to Forever 21 and chose what probably might look good. After fitting my clothes, she went around to look for more. Breana and I entertained ourselves with the accessories and shoes, trying everything we can. I thought of getting a basket so I can gather what I found nice.

Mine, mine, mine, Chichi’s. :)

Finally, I already have a polo jeans. I’ve been meaning to have this since last year whenI saw it from a magazine. Papa has one of these but then he used to be super built so, even if I am already big, it’s even bigger than me. Oo na, Plus Size yan. :P

Later then, Mama appeared and told us to check out at the counter already because we have to go home early. I told her about the accessories and that they’re on sale. She didn’t mind looking at the price and walked to the cashier. It was like heavens opening up and angels were singing to me.

After that, as we we were walking, I saw that The Body Shop’s Lip and Cheek Tint was on sale as well. I lost the tube I got from Ate so I was really happy when I saw that they were 50% off. Mama was like, “Sige na kunin mo na.” I knew right there and then that I wouldn’t make pakipot anymore because I really love the product ever since I first tried it.

For only 395 Php!!

The last thing we bought was Breana’s sandals. She wanted something that looks like the wedges Ate sent from Singapore. We saw this really nice wedges for kids and it fits her feet perfectly well.

I really had fun today! I hope this happens again. I really hope!! Btw we also saw Hello Kitty!! :)

Mama and I being kids with the real kid.


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