Congrats 1ITE! :)

Today is April 4, 2013. Today, my old classmates graduated and finally got their degrees. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. Sounds really interesting. Sounded really interesting for me then. But the arts kept knocking on my door and I, with all my heart, gave in. I bid goodbye to the Faculty of Engineering a year and a half later and proceeded to the Faculty of Arts and Letters. But with all honesty, this is entry is not about me. It may sound like it but it is not. This is for them.


You are all still part of a list on my Facebook :)

To the college class that I first belonged to. To the class that I first embarked college with. To the class that treated dawn as night and slept through the morning. Some of them may have graduated not under the section ITE anymore, but they will always be 1ITE to me.

It’s true that I may have drifted apart from those I spent most of my Eng’g days with but I am so proud and happy for them. Sometimes I ask myself if I’m jealous that they’re graduating and leaving me behind. And then I come to the conclusion that, what they have right now, it isn’t meant for me, it was never meant for me. It was just exclusively theirs.

Cheers to all of you! Cheers for the endless nights (and days) that you have finally conquered! Cheers for having an ambition and sticking to it! Cheers to graduating, and graduating happy and contented! Cheers to you, my 1ITE! May you all face the real world, steady and ready!



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