A Feather in One’s Cap

Wrote this on the night of the event: February 18, 2013; but only got to post it now.

I had the best time in Nueva Ecija today. I don’t regret taking up NSTP just now because I got to be with fun people, who in spite of being younger, related to my funny moments. I am already two years late for this course. Not that I was trying to get away with it (believe me, that’s not possible,) it’s just that I didn’t feel the courage to take it last year because I just shifted courses then.

Supposedly, we were to camp out but for certain circumstances, it didn’t push through. I only found out about it two days ago. Talk about diligence!

Anyway, we went to Nueva Ecija. I, along with Arielle, volunteered for the logistics team and the food committee. How active, you may say! Honestly, I thought they were going to be easy jobs.

The logistics team had to buy the materials to be used for the seminar we were to conduct. They were more like school materials (cartolina, markers, pencils, etc.)

While the food committee, obviously, took care of the food. They were to bring utensils to be used for cooking, buy ingredients for the food, and prepare them during the time given.

Little did we know that it was one of the hardest jobs. Yes, it was like we were just playing while preparing the fruit salad (oh you know, just dumping everything together) but it was so tiring to bring everything from my house to UST. Did I mention I only commuted? Did I also mention that the fruit salad was for a hundred people? Imagine how heavy that was. From the fruit cocktails to the jars of nata, to the canned milk and cream.

The food prep was what really set my mood. I thought the other groups’ food committees were going to be snobs. I mean, we only got to meet once during the seminar, so I wasn’t expecting friendly people in the hood (lol what the heck!) but everybody seemed nice to everyone including the girls. I’m not trying to be judgmental here but you girls know what I’m talking about. Guys can be friends in just a snap of a finger. Girls tend to observe first before they befriend somebody. I’m not generalizing though. I shouldn’t be.

Moving on…

Each group was assigned a room and the rest of the members were there. We joined them before the food prep because we had to put down our bags and the materials. The introduction to the kids happened there as well. After the fruit salad was made, we went back to bond with them a little but went out again after some time because we were to fix the stuff that we were going to use to eat. Boy was I hungry already then!

It was a feast! There were lots of food: Menudo, Sinigang na Baboy, Giniling, Kalderetang Baka, Fruit Salad (of course,) Mangga at Bagoong! Everybody was all smiles. We ate inside our room and had a lot of laughs talking about the professors we like and didn’t, took so many pictures, and laughed some more.

We had another activity with the whole class and the kids right after lunch. The kids, who we (I can’t actually say “we” because I was outside the room haha) conducted a PCVA seminar with, performed a dance number as a thank you gift for our help.

And then we headed back home.

I would attach pictures here if only I didn’t delete them on my computer. But even without pictures, I think I got to make you (whoever reads my entries) feel that it was such an eventful accomplishment. Because, to tell you the truth, I really felt like I was such an achiever today. Perhaps, a feather in one’s cap?


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