A few days ago, my Mom and niece came home from a two-week vacation in Singapore. This time around, instead of my sister going back home, they were the ones who flew. Every time there’s a chance to have something sent to us through Ate’s friend, she sends them. And of course, being her only little beautiful sister, my even MORE beautiful Ate would always have something for me. But this certain trip, she had too many stuff for me. She kept asking me for “something I need to say to her” a.k.a. the magic word, thank you, whenever we talk on FaceTime or even when she comments on my photos on Instagram. And I wanted to thank her with a blog but she’s been nagging me so I don’t think this will be a surprise anymore. Ha ha! So here are what she got me: 20130517-145143.jpg

    1. Running shoes that I asked because my Nike Lunarfly is already old. Ha ha! No, because the rubber on the sole is gradually detaching. I can still use it though, I’m just too spoiled. Loljk
    2. Sebago Docksides in blue! I’ve been wanting a pair of boat shoes since my Mom bought two, for her and me, from the States last year; but the ones she got me we’re too small for my huge feet. Hello size 9 girls, this is such a problem, right?
      3. This pair of Havaianas technically came from Singapore but was bought here. It is my sister’s old pair that Mama got and that I got from her. Meaning,

inangkin ko yung

    sandals! Ha ha!
      4. Burt’s Bees lip balm which was in my

last blog post.

    5. Candy-colored baking tools. The cute little mixer and a silicon spatula!
    6. Betty Crocker Super moist cake mix!
    7. Kisses Chocolate chips because I’ve been into baking cookies lately. And two packs of chocolate chip muffin mix (the first one I already used) from Betty Crocker as well!
    8. Last but not the least. Two packs of Mrs. Fields cupcake mix. This one’s pretty funny because my Mom, who’s such a pro at packing, decided to just remove the box to save space. But she forgot that the recipe is in the box as well. Ha ha ha!

I can’t find the top she also bought me so it’s not in the picture. So there. Thank you Nenen! I love you so much! Instagram: @Jjaammiiieee

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