Before I succumb to academic imprisonment.

It’s 2:27 in the morning. I’ve been jumping from one blog to another, killing time (when I can actually sleep but I opt not to.)

Just coz. Ughhh I’ve been in panic mode since Saturday. There’s this feeling that I only have a week (or less because of encoding and other stuvvs) left to bum around. Although I get really bored at home, it’s just so unfair that my vacation is too short. I know it isn’t really unfair-unfair but whatever, I declare it to be!

I’m not even done yet with the second book installment of Harry Potter. And the other 5 books.

Haven’t even watched Suits season 2 or a marathon of Hart of Dixie, The Mindy Project and Girl.

My house in Sims 3 is not even complete yet. The freaking lights I put in the hallway won’t work. I don’t know what the fudge is the problem. And then my “first” family, whose house was adapted by the second one (which lights are being bitches,) is too dull. IDEKW. The two households, actually, are just the same. Same members. Same lot. But I remodeled the first house, making it the second one. My first house was “deep”. I forgot the term for it. So, basically, what I did with the second one is, I raised the floor and put a higher ceiling. Now I feel like the reason why the lights won’t turn on is because there’s no floor over the hallway (unlike the first one where there is.)

And then there’s encoding on Tuesday and enrollment on Friday. They should’ve just put the schedules in one day so that students would not go back anymore. I doubt though, that encoding will finish in a day. I really do.

Also my high school friends are setting up an outing for us to swim. Last hurrah, I guess? I’m hoping it pushes through before I succumb to academic imprisonment.

Another thing is that I feel frustrated that I didn’t lose weight (lol did I just type wait) this summer. Not that I was putting so much effort into it, but I wish commuting to school for summer class did that to me. And my rice intake going down to half a cup each meal (or a cup in a day… but usually only half because I forget to eat at night.) But I only did a few workouts sooooo there’s the problem right there.

I’ve been writing down the things going on in my head. That’s pretty it.


This is the the first time again that I’m sleeping late. I’ve been hitting the sack way earlier than I used to. But the parentals decided not to turn the aircon on tonight because it’s cold and my niece and I sleep in their room. So that’s one more factor why I slept early. But now I’m back in our room, where the aircon is still bonkers. Gahh sleeping late is really a sign of mental panicking.


My back is in serious trouble.


I keep on updating the blog and adding these PS’s. HEH


It should’ve been this blog post, not the blog. Stuffff.

What can you say?

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