Remember this?

Remember when we were so keen on making our barkada complete? Remember when we used to cry at the most funny and petty things? Remember how sophomore year was a drama scene? Remember when we had this made and decided to call our group Aztig? Thinking about it now, it sounds so jeje. Ha ha ha!

I miss you. I miss having you around. I miss just talking on the phone with you for hours. I miss all the times we hung out. I miss having a best friend who I can be physically with.

I do miss you. But I’m not asking for anything anymore. I’m fine with both our decisions but seeing this friendship bracelet made me reminisce.

What would life be if we never had that huge fight? I really am curious.

You know what is the most ironic thing with all of these? Now that the barkada‘s complete, it’s my friendship with you that is now out of my hand.

What can you say?

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