Diary entry

I finally changed my theme! I even put a banner which I drew over Andie Chavez’ White Blank Page! I find it really artistic. That, and I’m just biased because I made it. Hee hee.

So I was looking for themes (scroll down, right click, open in new tab, check theme) and stumbled upon some few which were supposedly purchased first before activation. And it sucked because two of those that I opened were really nice but I don’t think it’s ideal (for me that is) to purchase themes. Apps are different things. Lol.

And then I thought about Nuffnang and all those cash from blogging. I signed up for it. But when I was about to add my blog on my account, it said that WordPress does not accept third party apps like Nuffnang. Which sucked more balls.

I then just added the widgets I’ve been wanting to have on my blog. I got to add Instagram and was about to add an image of myself. No, not a selfie. But an image for this blog. I think I sound too anonymous because I barely have pictures of myself here. So going back, the picture was not added because then the connection stopped working and that means having to restart the laptop. I didn’t and just opted to turn the computer off and transfer to my parents’ room and just blog about this using my phone. Ha ha!

The laptop’s screen, by the way, miraculously is functioning again. The LED screen my mom bought, somehow, is just a waste of money. But being the geek that I am, I just decided to make it an extension. At least now, I have two screens and can multitask a lot better.

After posting this I’ll go start reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I said on my twitter that I’ll take a break from all this HP reading and continue with Stieg Larsson’s series. Mother bought me the last book when we went school supplies shopping. I literally squealed when I saw my preferred type of The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest. I was looking for it at Fully Booked and I saw this lengthier and thinner version which was different from my first two ones. Good thing I saw it at National!

Well, that’s it! Good night and good morning! :)


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