I like looking at my blog. The theme is soo perfect for me. I didn’t not intend to write “soo” but I’m not omitting it because it is how I said it. But really, the theme is too perfect for my liking. It is white. It has three columns. The left one is not moving, only the right one which scrolls up and down along with the blog posts. Plus the three more colors I have, which do not really lessen the minimalist vibe of the website. My blog’s name is in apple green. And my links are in orange; when you hover at it, the link becomes red. The colors are what keep me overwhelmingly sane behind a background of white.

I don’t even know how to connect what I just said to my next topic.

So… I haven’t been to any of my classes. No, I did not cut nor did I skip school. Last week was supposedly the start of the semester. I have no classes on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays. Wednesday, supposedly, was going to be my first day. But then, our Dean announced that all general assemblies of each department shall be held on the first week; just so any kind of events with the same aim would not interrupt anymore. And then this week, Wednesday is a holiday—Araw ng Kalayaan! Hence, my first day is on Friday. And to confuse you more, I added just today a class during Mondays.

Today as well, my friends, Kim and Christian, and I, have broken out of the shell where we-hang-most-times-because-it-is-where-we-live. But I’ll blog about it tomorrow because the pictures are not yet exported onto this laptop I call mine. Eww ha ha!

And just so I remember this and not repeat it again ever, I ate more than 1700 calories today. I can burn it right now though (making me un-break the three consecutive days I’ve done Zumba) but I’m too tired from all the walking we did. So, I’ll make up for it tomorrow. Good night!


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