The past month went by so fast. July has always been fast for me.

After my birthday on the 27th of June, which by the way is the most emotional birthday so far, July came by just like a blink of an eye. There’s something about having my birthday on the last week of June. It’s like my body’s telling me to stop with all the excitement because the celebration is done. I’ve always been excited about my birthday. Even the most dreaded one, my 18th.

School had been, how do I say it… tiring? But this is a different story (which I have a separate blog but can’t post it just YET because I feel a little embarrassed.)

Oh well, I only want an August update on top of this blog. Not that I have so many things to share.

But I’ll most probably post sometime soon. I really feel like making this website, not just my diary entry or my school of thought but, as my opinion field. About anything and everything. Mostly about what’s happening in this world. A practice for my classes, because we’re already writing news articles. Although I abhor writing such, I am oblige due to technicalities a.k.a. our curriculum. What’s Journalism for if not for news writing, right?


You have no idea how much I’ve been wanting to use the word, abhor. LOL.


What can you say?

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