May 2011. Outside the house with Jeng, we were on our way to SLCV. Jannel came home from Canada then.

During my 20th birthday dinner.

Aside from having the longest friendship with her (almost 16 years kahit na wala kang makitang picture natin hahaha,) Shiela is also one of my truest friends. I can’t say the best, because true is a lot better to describe her.

I was looking at our wall, through the See Friendship option of Facebook, for photos I can put in a collage and then I saw that she posted too many random wall posts on mine. Which is kind of sweet because it means she loves me so much (what a self-serving statement LOL.)

Second year high school. Birthday ko pa rin but 13th birthday. With Sir Gonzales, She, me, Paulo, Lively, Alee, and Elai.

Last year, I failed too much because I remembered her birthday right after she asked me about my niece’s birthday plans. I was already inside her apartment and didn’t even greet her. This is not me trying to make up for it, though. This is me appreciating her life and what-not.

Although we really can’t find photos of us, when were younger, for proof (I believe we were already friends then but conflicted each other too much;) I saw how She changed as a person. Believe me when I tell you that she’s one of those downright mean classmates that I had in grade school. She was suplada to put it better. In high school, though, everything changed. She suddenly became this timid girl. Timid in a sense that she doesn’t make people feel bad anymore. Hahaha, she really was! I guess problems and trials made her like that.

3rd year or 4th year high school (?) Watched a movie with some friends.

On her 18th birthday, right after hearing her Dad tell the guests that Shiela’s the most quiet in their brood, I wanted to immediately write a blog about her. She actually asked me to do so even before. What her Dad said stuck in my mind. She was really quiet. And behind her being bashful is her strength. She’s one of the strongest persons I know. I don’t know how she did it, but she handled her parents’ separation pretty well. I don’t care whether that’s only what I saw, but she was tough during those times.

Fourth year high school. Outside my classroom. We weren’t classmates in high school.

We had this barkada diary that we passed on to each other. It was an attempt to bring back our grade school barkada (we were scattered in high school) together. It was in that diary that she told us that her parents were separating. And I recall how she said that it was okay, rather than people having to put up with each other. It changed my perspective towards separation. That maybe, for some cases, it’s better for couples to go on their separate ways.

That’s not the only thing that I love about her. She’s smart. She graduated Magna Cum Laude in college.

There are times when she asks me about things she can’t have or don’t have. But when I think about it, it’s not that she can’t have them; it’s just that, she can’t have them YET. See, grumaduate ka nga with honors, pa’no pa kaya mga gusto mo diba?

I have too many word to say but that won’t be enough to tell her how much I am thankful to God that I have her as a friend. Because she’s the only friend that I have who can be really honest with me. She’s the one who gets me so much and can vividly tell if something is good for me or not. And now, even if she tells me stuff (that I would probably consider as in insult if it came from somebody else,) it rather makes me think whether she has a point or not. And she’s the only who makes me feel good after every sad blog post or tweet. She knows me that way. She even surprised me with cupcakes on my last sad birthday. She didn’t care if I had food at home or none.

Haggard ko pero kebs! Hahaha! My niece’s 7th birthday.

Happy Birthday, Shiela Mae! Eto na yung blog oh. Hihi. I love you! May all your wishes come true. I’m so excited for whatever’s in store for you because I know you’re a good person and you’ll be blessed with so much (hello na-bless ka na nga with me HAHAHA!) Magpakita ka naman? Hindi excuse ang trabaho! Charot!

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