The year-ender post

Year-ender posts are always something else. More often than not, I like them shared to people, as opposed to my blogs. Hence, what you see right now.

How was 2013 for me?

Right now, I’m grasping for words. Because this year felt so fast—it was as if it passed by me overnight. But despite that feeling, thanks to Instagram, I’ve kept a few memories, like catching a glimpse of a fast roller coaster ride.

And a roller coaster it was, the ride the I didn’t want to be in but did so. It was as if my heart was going to drop the moment we moved. This was brought by the love I have for my niece. She lives for those scary moments.

I’ve told myself “I can” a lot of times this 2013. I tried and tried and tried.

I got into the organization I’ve been wanting to be part of. At first, I thought I didn’t make it. Turns out, due to some technical errors, my name didn’t show up, but I got in.

I tried losing weight a lot of times as well; the operative word: tried. I took a few weight loss drops and a few pills as well. I jogged and tried Zumba. But then again, I realized that the best thing to do is be comfortable in my own skin, and the rest will follow. My weight went up and down like a yoyo. I’ll try to be better next year, though. *wink*

I made things with my hands: from the cupcakes themselves to the boxes that I used to transport to people who ordered. I initially tried just for the sake of trying. Just so I can put baking under my belt as well. You know, things that I can do. Heehee. Never thought people would love and order them.

I also got to go on a trekking adventure; I almost gave up. Almost. This was for NSTP. It was the hardest thing ever but hello, guys, I’m still alive. HAH!

I believe I learnt to understand a bit more. Than squabble about something petty. I think this is me maturing.

Looking back at it once more, 2013 had been a year of being the best me. I did so many things to improve and prove. I focused on the things that (I forgot) I was good at. I came back running to the old me, bringing with me the other better present me. Gosh, that made sense! Hahaha!

My resolution last year was to, in one way or another, get involved. I think I have done that, more than the ways I already had in front of me.

And again, I will try. I will try to continue to be that one—the one who’s always trying.


Ang creative ko talaga gumawa ng titles. Hahahaha!

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