Diary of a Non-Traveller

I wrote this short article for our magazine which we submitted as a project for our Desktop Publishing class:

Travelling was never on top of my family’s priorities, so I guess it is the same reason why I never longed for wandering. Writing this down is hard because the farthest place I’ve been to is Baguio; and it was for my senior retreat in high school.

Or maybe because leaving the country had always been about Mama going abroad for work.

The airport is the one place I love and hate the most, both at the same time. Being there means having to experience a whirlwind of emotions. You get attached to the mixture of feelings that do not know when to go away, if even disappearing is an option.

I cry my eyes out whenever I see Mama walk away from us. But nothing beats the feeling of seeing her for the first time in so long. There would always be a competition on who sees her first. My two cousins and I would always play this game in the aiport. I always win and the prize is always priceless.

Mama had been to different places. She travelled Europe when she was still working in a cruise ship that went around the continent. I remember telling her that it is my dream to go to Paris and see the Eiffel Tower. She beamed, smiling and then said, “Tinatambayan lang namin yun dati eh.” (We used to hangout there a lot.)

Since then, I promised myself that the first time I will go on a travel, jet set out of this country, it will be with Mama. She has been to different places, but was she ever in one in a long time?

Well, she is. She is always in my heart.

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