Theme Antics

I’ve been on WordPress since 2010. Although it had been great, I still wish there are better customization options for users whose accounts are not paid. Maybe because I got so used to making my own layout back when people were still virtually hanging around Multiply, where you were free to create your own theme and edit whatever color or photos you intended to use.

It sucks to not have the means to buy a domain of your own yet.

Although that is the case, I still think I’ve done a better job at handling these things⎯trying to make it look as if it was all me. HAH!

So because of that, I decided to list the features I reckon should be incorporated in my blog layout and other people’s too. (And in the process, reminisce the good ol’ themes of this blog, thanks to!) Enjoy! *wink*

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 7.39.11 PM


1. Header

When I started looking for themes. The first thing I searched for in the demo were headers. I wanted to showcase either my photography or my calligraphy work (although, I haven’t really revealed any of those skills yet in here). My old theme had these lomography cameras that you can choose from, you also can upload your own photo but doing so meant me editing one in Photoshop and I had no camera at that time so I made do. I chose the Diana because I’ve been wanting to have one. (Fact: I own a Holga 120N.) To tell you the truth, the only reason why there’s still that Blog still under construction sign is because I still don’t know what header to put. LOL

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 7.37.33 PM


 2. Sidebar

I need sidebars in my life (ang OA ko LOL). Prior to the theme I am using now, I had that one up there. It had three sections, the right one being unmovable. I remember seeing Regina Belmonte’s Tumblr layout and telling myself, “I want something like that!”

The only problem I had with it was that, it was scrimping the size of my photos because of its two sidebars. Those were eating out the space of my blog posts when I can have just one.

3. Dropdown Menu

I’ve never really had menus up to today. Honestly, it weirded me out. I didn’t really explore much the pages features of blogs before. I didn’t really like About pages because I used to believe that readers can get to know me by reading what I wrote. It was like I was giving people a hard time getting to know me. (Which, I think, is so true to its meaning in real life. HEH)

In contrary to that statement above, I now have menus with submenus and sub-submenus. I realized that they are actually helpful in showing your readers what you have in your blog; linking your categories or about page, sections, and what have you.

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 7.50.23 PM

First ever theme

 4. Minimalism

I don’t know what got into my mind and I chose that grunge theme. HAHAHA!

It was a contradictory conclusion in my brain: I love arts so I should stick to colors and but white is so clean and orderly looking. I eventually gave in to minimalism. It was also how I came up with my fifth theme. Colors, although creative and gives life, sometimes become chaotic especially when you include photos in your posts.  If only my current layout allows changing of the background color of the menus, I would rather have it black. But I can’t. *cries in the corner* LOL

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 7.40.53 PM


 5. Font

Last but definitely not the least, fonts! Although I love serifs, Georgia to be exact, I opted for the one I’m working with now because, frankly, I don’t have much choice. But I still think that the fonts used in this design is readable enough and isn’t a sore to the eyes.

So there! If you’re a non-paying WordPress user like me, you can also improve its free and dependable themes by managing the ones I listed above. Hope I was of help to anyone! :)

4 thoughts on “Theme Antics

  1. I agree with you! Totally look for minimalist styles and the side bars. :)
    I also take into consideration the color palettes — it’s a huge turn on for me if it’s something that’s cool in the eyes and are not clashing into one another. I also like neutral colors and prefer them over anything. :)


    • Neutrals, yes! If I can choose three colors and live with it forever, it would be ash brown, black, and white. (Kahit sabi nila hindi raw colors ang black and white. Heehee!)


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