This time of my life is different. I feel like I’m slowly regaining the old me. What’s frightening right now is that this might just be temporary.

One of the few reasons why I started writing regularly again is because I knew I needed an outlet. My self-diagnosis came up with depression. Oftentimes I think about it and wonder if I am really going through this right now, or am I just making an excuse for all the transgression I’ve been committing.

One of the few reasons why I think my happiness may be short-termed is because my sister is currently in the country to spend some time off work and be with our family, mostly my niece.

I feel as if I am complete right now. I jokingly tell my cousin earlier that since my sister came home, we haven’t had any fights. We used to squabble a lot when we were younger. You’d think that with eight years age gap, she would be mature enough to handle her little big sister. I even told them that when she was still working here, I would count the days when everything was in peace. The record? Two days. LOL!

But I guess it had also been my acceptance towards what life is giving me back. I’ve talked about depressions way too much in my previous blog posts, wherein I only wrote back then whenever  I was feeling down. And since I have too many recorded episodes, I think about whether this journey should be shared or not.

Should I make my old posts private even if I am the type of person who doesn’t like being censored out of my own territory? Or should I just let people know, so they can deal with me better and let them be in the know as to how this defect affect people, life, and everything in between?

What can you say?

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