Message in a Notepad

A couple of years back, I started an offline letter series to somebody I haven’t met, my future boyfriend. I was 18 then, and at 21 now, I still haven’t come across any paths with who it will be. I wrote three consecutive times in November of 2011 when I first started it. I then stumbled upon a folder labeled “Future” in my Documents two years after and realized that I haven’t written in a long while. And then I forgot about it again. And during one lonely day in July 2014, I wrote my latest message.

This certain letter I am going to share is the fourth one and was noted down exactly two years ago. I shared this to my college barkada without knowing how cheesy I was and could be. Right now, I’m still contemplating sharing in this blog all what I wrote. In the future, perhaps? (See what I did there LOL)

Dear Future Boyfriend,

The first time I wrote to you was almost two years ago. I stopped until the third one. I didn’t forget about love, don’t worry. It’s just that I got busy with different things.

I said in my first letter that I don’t expect to meet you soon. But I’m changing my mind, I really want to meet you already. I feel sad that my friends’ love lives are unfolding in front of me while I’m stuck on the bleachers watching them be happy on their field. Sometimes I think the longer it takes, the bigger the problem there is with me. Do you really like thin girls? Do I really have to lose weight to meet you? Can’t you just find me and you’ll just help me lose weight instead?

Sometimes it depresses me that my phone isn’t ringing constantly with text messages from someone. Or calls to check up on me. I want that. I want someone to go home with me especially during days I lack sleep, so I can lay my head on your shoulder during commutes or you can watch me sleep in between traffic if ever you have a car.

But what you have doesn’t really matter, it’s what you feel. :)

All my love,

Your Future Girlfriend

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8 thoughts on “Message in a Notepad

    • You know what, I think I’ll start a series about this one because of your comment. Hehe. I’m still unsure with it tho because for the longest time, I’ve always been this girl who uncomplainingly, patiently, even-temperedly waits. Lol.


  1. Ya know, I used to get jealous of my college girl friends because they always seemed to have a boy in their lives while I didn’t. I thought there was something wrong with me! But when I think about it, the guys they dated weren’t guys I would date and the guys I met then were guys I didn’t see myself being with/settling down with.



    • I don’t see myself also settling down with the guys they are with. Not that they’re not great, but they’re just not that good for me. Hahaha! Ang choosy ko pa. LOL. But I get your point, maybe God’s preparing me for whoever that will be so that I’ll be extra ready when he comes. Thanks, Helga! :)


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