A Little Down Time in Pampanga

Went back to Pampanga to celebrate the birthday of my mother’s sister Nanay Mely. It was such a great day to be there albeit the heat. Thanks to my very loud family (something Kapampangans are known for besides food LOL), we all had so much fun just talking and reminiscing the good ol’ times. My older cousins used to just baby sit us, now we drink with them too. Hehe. Special mention btw to whoever invented the air conditioning unit. Life saver!

Bree bree

My nine year old niece who is almost 5 feet tall now.



Yosi Break

Yosi break


The tablet playing nephews. When we were their age, Pampanga meant a trip to all the houses of my mother’s siblings, eating fresh mango, langka, or sweetcorn picked just right over the farm. These kids didn’t experience much of that.


My manneristic lip-biting sister.

7 thoughts on “A Little Down Time in Pampanga

  1. A trip to the province meant playtime and lots of food for me, too! But that was when we were young. Kids nowadays have more portable sources of entertainment that they don’t feel the need for lots of interactions anymore.

    Your niece is really tall! She is about my height now (and I’m already 21!)


    • I know! They still try to play outside but most times, they just play on their tablets and ruin their backs.

      I think she’s actually 5′ now because I almost 5’6 and my eyes are the same level as her. LOL!


  2. Haha, I agree! I really thought my youth was more of playing outside the house and meeting up with friends. It’s quite unfortunate there is not much of the youths of this generation having a time like that. I miss my childhood days. :)

    Your niece is as tall as me. Why am I not blessed in the height department :( Haha


    • Their generation revolves around these gadgets. I remember when they said before that the sky’s the limit, it meant the streets were what kept us going. Ironically, it was a safe haven. Going home was dreading.


  3. Your niece is so cute! XD

    I spent a lot of my childhood reading and drawing, but also a lot of TV and movies. I watched with my sister and cousins so I think our parents still considered it family time. It’s okay for kids these days to use mobile devices, but they should definitely be monitored by adults and only at certain times.


    • I agree. My sister, her mother, is not around most often because she works abroad so I try to keep an eye on what she watches on youtube and searches on the internet. She can’t have Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter just yet. But she enjoys singing so we made her a Soundcloud and a Spotify account. She even has a Youtube channel but I turned on the safety mode so she won’t see the comments (which usually has the most negative words in it.)


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