My first three rolls of film with my Holga 120N were a series of failures. My only problem with it was the bulb switch. I got so confused. When I googled it, I found out that I should’ve used B for night time and N for daylight because of its 1/100 shutter speed. That was why my indoor photos were dark and the outdoor ones were so bright.

But nevertheless I think the photos below can pass as lomography photos. I got into double exposures and somehow managed to create “artsy” enough images. LOL.

Photos were taken in 2012


Posting this so I have pictures under the Photography > Film tab. I’m still looking for the photos I took with my Nikon N65 (for our Photojournalism class) which were put in a CD when we had them developed. Most times I think that having this light Macbook Air is better without the CD-Rom but sometimes I think otherwise.

133114_4534599599715_622415255_o 703730_4534628040426_45574718_o

705371_4534617560164_1295064445_o 704363_4534621680267_1918467127_o

169274_4534612800045_137797280_o 705017_4534629640466_433357898_o


24 thoughts on “Lomography

    • Aww thank you! I didn’t know though that there are cheap ones. I just googled them and found one that costs 900php! The Apple ones are almost 4,000! *heartbreaker*


  1. I really love the look of film cams but it’s such an expensive hobby!

    My MBP has a CD drive cos it’s a mid-2010, tho I barely use it. I still fear the day when I have to upgrade laptops, tho!


    • It is! I think they’re 1k/box now which has three films. And they’re even pricey when developed.

      I don’t need to upgrade yet because I’ve had this for only four months but I really want the MBP with Retina! Or the new space gray. I just don’t like the universal socket. Scary! LOL


    • Ooohh! I wanted the Diana Mini! Because of its look and also because you have twice as much photos. Got my Holga only because it was half the price of the Diana. Ahhhh now that I think about it, I want one again! Heehee.


  2. I have always wanted to try shooting in film, but I agree with Helga, it is hella expensive! I’ve tried it once when I was in college and I ended up broke as heck. Although printing it on your own (with all the dark room and stuff) is super fun. Hehe!


    • Thank you! I want the Diana Mini!!! <////3 Go buy one! There are so many cheap ones. You can also buy second hand, just look at the actuations. Then just save up for the lens because they are life changerssss! LOL


  3. I used to own 2 Vivitars during college but, yes, totally agreeing with them, this is an expensive hobby! I used to go somewhere in UN Avenue in Manila processing of my films. But only did it twice. Haha! Then I sold my cameras. Your photos make me miss school (but not studying lol).


    • It does? Hehe. Lomography is really nostalgic, IDEKW. I had mine processed in Shangrila before. I forgot the stall but I gave them mine and they just shipped the CD and the used films a few days after.


  4. I think your pictures came out fine. XD I’ve been thinking of getting an instax, but I keep putting it off. Someday, I’ll stop worrying so much about frivolous spending and just go for it. I’ve always wanted to try it!


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