April Faves + A Few Updates

It’s May 1st! Can you believe it? It feels as if it was only Christmas last week. What happened, time?

Anyways, April was a month full of little things here and there. For one, my sister came home for a vacation from Singapore. She has been working there for four years now. I still don’t get used to her not being around so much even if we tend to fight a lot before (now we barely squabble but when we do, it is usually intense.) I wanted to write down another Singa-haul blog but I thought, I should just probably include my fave pasalubong she got me.

BURT’s bees tips and toes kit

Which I love so much especially the Hand Salve Baume Pour Les Mains because I have this rough patch on the base of my middle finger and now it’s getting smoother because of the balm. The Almond and Milk Hand Cream smells so gooood! The one missing there is the lip balm which I think my sister took because she’s so obsessed with those!


Paano ba ‘to by bianca gonzales

I haven’t really finished this book but the first two chapters had been great so far. It had put me to different emotions, even made me tear up a few couple of times.


Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser

It feels soooooo light on the face. It is the lightest thing that touched my face.


NYX Matte Lipstick in Natural

I’ve been searching for the perfect pink lipstick and this one suits me well. You can see a photo of me wearing this shade below. Also in my header picture to your right. I grabbed this one along with the one above plus the NYX blush-on and the NYX eyeliner which I don’t fancy too much (It gets so hard to apply. HUHU), when Mama finally brought me makeup shopping.


Clash of Clans

Although my current phone sucks so much balls, I still get to play the game. My HTC One V sometimes restarts and it gets stuck to that welcome message. It gets fix if I press both the power and volume down button at the same time and wait for it to die and restart on its own. So much hassle in life.

Oh and btw, about this pastime… I told myself I will not play this app because 1) it is internet dependent, 2) my Samsung phone, the one I use for communication, dies down fast when connected to the internet (I only use this HTC like an iTouch) so I can’t connect when I’m not at home, 3) I hate playing games just because it is getting popular, 4) it will be a waste of time.

But look at me now, eating my own words. And biting my opponent’s head off. HAH!!



This was my cousin playing while we were on our way to the province.

pampanga and The Clouds

Tuesday, my cousins Kuya Mike, Wuwu, her boyfriend Allen, his nephew CJ, and I went to Pampanga to do a few errands for the old ones. I’m not used to going there without my other relatives and it was the first time that it was just the (relatively) young ones. My camera was full of my favorite view, the clouds. We also went to SM Pampanga with Allen’s mom, who treated us to pizza, to buy the things needed for the painting of my aunt Mommy’s (Wuwu’s mother) house. Can’t wait for it to finally have color!



feeling down

I was actually planning on writing something yesterday but then I remembered that you should not write when you’re on an emotional high. So I didn’t. I just cried myself to sleep because I didn’t get the job I applied for. Here I was, trying to fix my life by being employed so I can pay for my own tuition so that my mother won’t spend for it anymore because I’ve been in college for way too long and then poof, gone! I didn’t get in. I was a little confident they want me because the interview went fine. But I guess fine wasn’t enough.

Maybe it wasn’t for me. Despite that, I loved how my look turned out that day. My mother’s brow kit from BYS was not just cheap, but also works wonders. My left eyebrow is bitin but it looks natural even with the added makeup. It stayed there even after I got home (right picture).

Photo on 4-29-15 at 7.55 PM copy

And then I got to see Kimberly after a long, long, looooong time. We used to see each other a lot when Christian hadn’t moved to the States but she got so busy, she forgot about me. Hahahah chos!

11198615_10205866469677455_959788527_n copy

And then this month I also:

  • Colored my hair to something brown, I forgot the name.
  • Failed a balayage color on the ends of my hair. The color was darker than what I intended.
  • Finally trimmed my hair down to a lob after almost having it reach my butt and to remove the failure that I was and to cut the worst split ends ever.
  • Added the blogs I like on my sidebar.
  • Updated my sidebar photo because I look oily in the first one I put. LOL.
  • Blogged so much and virtually met different people, yay just like Multiply!

How about you, how did April treat you?

10 thoughts on “April Faves + A Few Updates

  1. I deleted CoC from my phone cos I got bored of it after a while. I even spent $20 on gems!!!!!!!!

    I’m sorry you didn’t get the job. Hoping you find one that you’ll love soon. :)


    • It is addicting. I’m currently urging my mom to let me use her credit card so I can buy gems. HAHAHA!

      Thank you. I guess it wasn’t really for me. :)


  2. Hello! First of, I am recently hooked with clash of clans which I must say is pretty addicting. And I’m from Pampanga! There’s so many great places here worth your time. Hope you could come back and try them out. Btw, my name is Gail. Hope we could be friends. :)


    • Thank you for coming by! :) I just visited your blog and I like it!

      I’m a Kapampangan myself so coming back is what I would always love to do. Can’t wait for my mother’s hometown fiesta so I can feast on delicious Kapampangan goodies! And sure, I’d love to be your friend! :)


  3. Haha CoC seems to be really popular back home! My cousin won’t stop playing it. I love the Nyx lipcolor! I’ve been thinking of getting some Nyx lipsticks but I keep putting it off because money. :’D

    I love all your faves! I actually opened up our My Favorite Things linkup today. I hope you don’t mind adding yours too. ^_^


  4. Hey Jamie, first time reader here! I was born in Pampanga, but raised in the states. I loooove going back to the Philippines and just enjoying the delicious food kapampangans have to offer. This post made me miss being in Pampanga.


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