The Sunday Currently 2.0

It’s officially the start of vacation! We had our last exam yesterday. I got so stressed the past few days with the newspaper that we had to layout for our subject  Desktop Publishing finals. I even jokingly asked my friend Claui to be my managing editor because it was so stressful to receive my groupmates’ layout that didn’t follow the template. And me being me, I wanted to make sure hypen-ation, indention, pagination, the titles were all perfect. The indention part though, I got really fed up so I let them be whatever they were.

Right now, all I have in mind is rewatching my favorite series: One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl; and try F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Also, read the books I’ve had since God-knows-when. I’ll enjoy this time before I start with OJT and only after that maybe I can plan my life again. LOL.


Blogs that I haven’t visited the past week. Catching up and discovering new ones!


This blog. And another blog that I’ll be posting this week. I lost track of my scheduled blog posts in my calendar that I got from Helga so I’m going to start over. And reschedule topics.



to this cover over and over again. The original is from Of Monsters and Men. But I like how chill this song is. After all, I spotted this from Spotify’s Afternoon Acoustics playlist. *wink*


why I don’t get much traffic. Huhu. My lomography photos got so much feedback tho. I need to upgrade my game.


My freshly bathed niece who applied Vaseline Cocoa Butter lotion. I’ll do the same after this post. Teehee.


For a family out of town. Summer’s about to end but we haven’t  even attempted to swim. Gahhh!


My boxer shorts (hahaha they’re comfortable and it’s do darn hot!) and a printed pambahay top.


Doing layouts. I wish I can just apply without needing to finish college. I mean, I plan on finishing college but maybe I can start working while doing so.


An oven. Whenever I bake, I only use our turbo broiler. We have a gas oven but it doesn’t work anymore. Oooh maybe I can post my baking hobby in this blog again and share recipes! :)


A new phone. My phone keeps restarting. Ughhh. Still waiting for my sister’s iPhone promise.


like I’ll be a bacon with this heat. Crispy na ako guys! LOL


Raisa and Corinth‘s blogs. Love not just their layout, but their contents as well!

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4 thoughts on “The Sunday Currently 2.0

  1. I’m also trying to figure out how to grow my blog’s traffic! I need to write a solid and useful post and promote the shit out of it… but IDK what to write about yet haha.


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