Friday’s 10 Happy Things

Finally joining this because I was so busy last week that I ended up without any posts. Hehe!

Nothing that significant really happened this week because vacation just started. But there have been enough things to write about.

  1. Finally getting a yes from my ate. She’s going to buy me a domain. Yayyy! I still don’t know how and what to choose though. I think my current one is too long. Help?
  2. Baking after so long. The photo above is the product. Hihi. Apple cinnamon and cranberry orange which btw tastes likes fruit loops. Hahahaha!
  3. VSCO Film 00 for Lightroom which didn’t even cost me anything. I can now edit my photos without tweaking much, just choosing the presets. Download it for free too, here!
  4. Seeing father’s side of the family again. I barely see them because Pasig is too far from Valenzuela. We bonded over makeup and food. It was also kuya Benjie’s death anniversary. No more pain, finally. :)
  5. Finally sleeping with an aircon on. Our room’s aircon has gone bonkers so we’re sleeping over at my parents’ room.
  6. Oohh seeing the Purefoods Star Hotshots play again (well, on TV). Alex Mallari is love, you guys! They didn’t get in the finals last conference so they have to really work hard this time.
  7. Arranging my closet. I hate it when it isn’t organized.
  8. Freeing 10GB of memory. I accumulated photos that I never got to upload and TV series I already watched.
  9. Rewatching Gossip Girl. Oh my love for S and Queen B!
  10. Helping Mama with chores instead of being just a bum. Hello summer!!

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12 thoughts on “Friday’s 10 Happy Things

  1. I have to do a digital clean-up, too! I did it a while back and freed up 25G of space hahaha.

    It took me a while to decide on my domain name. I had mini brainstorming sessions pa with a friend hahaha.

    And I really need to get Lightroom!


    • My portfolio is taking up most of my memory. Huhu. Most of them are videos. I really need an external hard drive.

      Go get Lightroom! I only downloaded it from the intrawebs. ;)


  2. Congrats on the soon to be domain! Pretty sure it’s gonna bd catchy =)) nothing like a domain to feel even more legit (at least that’s how I felt when I bought mine lol) haha


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