What on Earth #1


Yes, I am still alive. I haven’t posted in two weeks even though I am pretty much active on social media.

For one, I think this is me enjoying nothing but lying down and being a bum. If you think about it, it actually isn’t something to be proud of but I would say just to prove a point. Hah! #not

Last week, my friend Claui and I went to Ortigas to submit our resumé for internship. We headed to two companies that will be kind enough to train us for the real world. I hope we get a call within the week! We also went around Megamall just to window shop. Oh productivity and being broke! LOL

Second, my cousin Erika finally spent a few days at home. She’s been planning to do so since last year but never pushed through for some unknown reasons. I’ll be putting up the photos on this blog in a separate post.

Third, I have been baking again and have had a draft since my last Sunday Currently post about pastries that I never got to publish. This week, promise!

Fourth, I’m going to finally enroll in a gym so I can finally, finally lose weight. I think I maybe obese II now. Ughhhh. With that I’m still thinking about whether I will ask my sister to buy me the domain or if I’ll just get the money and buy diet food that are so expensive, if you still didn’t know.

Lastly, I’ve really been away because I feel like my blog is going nowhere. You know how sometimes you question your purpose in life because you don’t get what you want immediately? Okay, maybe it’s just me but something to that extent. Because of my blogging hibernation, I’ve gotten out of track with my scheduled posts: May faves, welcoming my birthday month, and a few more here and there.

So, uhhhmm, I promise tomorrow I will do whatever it is I can finish just to keep this up to date. See, I redownloaded the WordPress app on my phone so I can write without making too much noise because just like last year, my niece and I are sleeping in my parent’s room due to our room’s aircon unit going bonkers. Thank heavens for these inventions because I really hate it when it’s hot!

Sooo I don’t know how to end this….. Hmmm? Good night! (Or good day if you’re in another part of the world!) :)

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