Friday’s 10 Happy Things // 2

This week was a waiting game because we were anticipating calls from the companies we applied to. I just got home from the mall and found out through my friend that we’re set to have our interview on Monday. Yayy!!

  1. So that’s number one. The interview. Double yay!
  2. Urged my friend Claui to blog. She posted this week her Korea trip. Check it out here.
  3. Helping out my ~unofficially~ cum laude niece from UP with her makeup shopping.
  4. Orange Is The New Black’s new season which is surprisingly refreshing. Not too dark.
  5. Planning out my birthday. I’ve had enough of my self-pitying and decided that I can do DIY decorations at home without needing to spend so much. Excited for my black and white dinner party!
  6. Seeing a cousin who’s migrating to Canada for the last time before his family flies.
  7. Scoring a Lenovo A5000 phone for free with my postpaid plan. Yay better phone. (I’m still waiting for my iPhone, Ate! LOL)
  8. Cleaning out my desk including the papers I accumulated over the past semester.
  9. Watching Flor de Liza. Hahahaha! The catfights of Liza and Flor got me hooked! Oh simple joys!
  10. Talking to my best friend who I don’t get to talk to as much as before.

Writing this fast because it’s almost 12pm!! ACK! Join every Friday here:

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