Friday’s 10 Happy Things // 3

I started writing this on a Monday because Helga said it was better to do it this way and because she is the purveyor of this thing called being happy on a Friday. HAHAHA!

  • Interview today went great. Although we weren’t given a proper signal that we were going to work there, we were already asked to have our medical and to fulfil a checklist for internship. YES!!
  • I just finished making the ganache for tomorrow’s cupcakes! Yaasssss.wpid-img_20150626_235821
  • Did groceries with mother without me initiating. What is kuripot mother. LOL.

  • My niece graduated from UP Diliman today and did it with a Latin honor. Did her makeup again. This a before-I-put-the-left-falsies photo. Lol. And without lippies yet. Honestly tho, I didn’t have any other photo of her that’s why I’m making do with this one. Lol!wpid-img_20150626_123242
  • Being generally happy throughout this birthday week. I usually don’t.
  • Being told I was good at something I just tried.
  • Celebrating father’s day with the extended family over grilled cheese chicken, BBQ, and kaldereta!
  • “Seeing” Paul Soriano when I went to ABS. I didn’t really get to see his face because he was beside me paying at the cashier at Family Mart.
  • Helping with the house cleaning because most of the time, laziness takes over my love for an organized habitat.
  • Being a badass and posting this on a Saturday just ’cause it’s my birthday. Woohooo!! *banana dance*

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