23 Facts About Jamie

In light of my recent birthday, here are 23 things about me. I really should’ve posted this on my birthday but I haven’t even written a single entry that time so there is no use in thinking about it. Hahaha! (Nilaglag ko sarili ko LOL) ETA: I’m only 22 guys. I added one to symbolize the new year that I just entered. :) (And because I forgot why I really did! HAHAHAHA!)

  1. I was thinking about saying I’m a scaredy cat when something popped on the television screen and made me close my eyes.
  2. Although that is the case, I immediately forget about what I watch and can even sleep with lights turned off.
  3. But since that happened, I stopped sleeping with my lower leg and foot hanging by the bed. I used to enjoy it.
  4. I only have one sibling. I used to think we have an older half-brother until I heard stories of my Papa’s ex being delusional. Hahahaha!
  5. I’ve never been out of the country. Also because I have no passport yet. Lol. While Mama had been to so many countries. She went around Europe and South America when she worked at cruise ships, got employed in Dubai, visited friends and families in North America.
  6. My family’s not very fond of going out much, mostly Papa. Our parents prefer cooking for us because it’s cheaper and we get to eat more. But we still try to discover mall treasures sometimes.
  7. I often think that I’m the bad luck in the family. Because when Ate was young, they had lots of money. When I was born, my parents stopped working abroad and opened a business—which eventually gave them tons of debt but have recovered now. Until today, whenever it’s my birthday or any occasion that’s both directly and indirectly connected to me, there will always be mishaps that never happened to my sister.
  8. Most siblings hate being compared but it’s kind of the opposite with me. I feel more proud about Ate when they tell me things she’s done. I know I’m weird.
  9. School was never a problem until I got into college. I was always one of the brighter students in secondary school. I topped my Trigo class but in college, I flunked the same subject twice or thrice. That’s one of the signs that showed me I didn’t like that previous course.
  10. I’ve shifted course twice. I was originally supposed to graduate in 2013, 2014, and 2015.
  11. I took IT just so I can enter UST because I failed my first choice and that was my second.
  12. And then I shifted to CommArts a year and a half later. And then to Journalism a year after.
  13. I didn’t enrol during the first sem of second year because I was contemplating my next action, whether I wanted to continue IT or shift or transfer to another school.
  14. Someday, I would want to write and direct my own film. And write a book.
  15. I was never a fat kid. I even have pictures of me wearing clothes that reveals skin. It used to be cute then LOL. I started gaining weight in second year high school.
  16. I always tell people that I have no specific type in a guy when in fact I see my first boyfriend as somebody cute, tall and a little buff. That’s too much daydreaming for somebody who’s not that pretty and fat. I want him maybe 5’9″ because I’m 5’5″ (and a half.)
  17. I’ve been virtually around since I was 10. That’s a decade and two years. It was through the internet that led me to writing blogs and discovering that I actually can sew words into sentences and then sentences into paragraphs.
  18. I really, really look mataray in person. Someone you wouldn’t strike a conversation with because she looks like she’ll eat you whole once you open your mouth. But in my head, I am just observing people, thinking the same thing. I am just super shy because I may find you intimidating.
  19. But once you get to know me, I’m a little funny to be with. I love laughing and sharing stories you can relate to and listen to your own version of it.
  20. I’m more of a shoes-bags-and-cosmetics-kind of girl. I think the reason I don’t like shopping for clothes too much is because it’s hard to find sizes for me. Well, not much anymore because of the plus sizes all over the market.
  21. My love for baking came out of nowhere. I remember just telling myself that I can do those cakes too. Honestly speaking, everything that I love and enjoy doing now are things I got curious with.
  22. I want to be a DJ but I’m too much of a bulol so I think I can never be one. I’ll just always be a radio caller. LOL. (But I barely do that!!)
  23. I think I may be a psychic. Whenever I think about something really random, it happens. One time while I was on my way to school, I said to myself, “What if this bus suddenly bumps into another car? Would we feel the impact so much?” And then suddenly, while the bus was turning left, a Mitsubishi Adventure “lightly” collided with the bus. And then I got my answer.

Am I weird? Or do we have things in common? :)

I’m at Snapchat, @jjaamiiee!

11 thoughts on “23 Facts About Jamie

  1. Don’t believe in malas!!!!

    And you’re tall pala. Also, I don’t look mataray but I prefer listening and observing people, too. :)


  2. You’re not bad luck! That was completely your parents’ decision and had nothing to do with you.

    People think I’m mataray because I’m quiet and prefer listening too.


  3. IT student from UST here! I have a lot of friends who shifted majors/ transferred schools also because of trigo (and algebra). IT really makes you think of your choices in life huhu. I’m glad you finally found what you want!!!! <3


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