Friday’s 10 Happy Things // 4

Hello!! This week was great. I’m more excited for the next one because I start with work. Yayyyy!!

But here are the things that made it extra special:

  1. Reuniting with my CommArts friends, who all have graduated, during Mar’s birthday yesterday at Heat. The last time I saw Orange was March of last year during their grad celebration at Urbn. Honggtogooolll!!

    Me, Preets, Mar, Orange, and Lis! We miss you Jec!! <3

  2. Cousins from another city coming to celebrate on my birthday. We used to be super close when we were younger and that was cut off by me growing away from them. It’s nice to go back to bonding with them but with a whole lot of things to bond over. They even spent the night at home.
  3. A new season of Suits. Harvey and Donna’s current situation makes me sad.
  4. Finally signing the contract with ABS-CBN News Online for my internship. I start on Monday! Yassss. I was supposed to start today but it is my mentor’s off so they just asked me to come back next week. And this free litol Starbucks drink.


    My phone’s camera is so nice with this lighting.

  5. Receiving an e-mail from another company we applied to. I want to try there too but gahhhh!!!
  6. Having favorite things to post as a blog. Hahahaha! Which I will be showing on Sunday! :)
  7. Receiving comments from friends that I look better and prettier. Oh my God guys, stahhhpp!! Lol.
  8. Accompanying my niece at her Kumon and I’m not even bored because I’m currently writing this! ;)
  9. Receiving Stupid is Forever by Miriam Defensor Santiago and the Covegirl foundation I’ve always wanted as gifts for my birthday. Will post that tomorrow!! :)


    Forgive me for the crappy photo. Indoors, it isn’t that okay.

  10. Having a really nice dinner with family and a few friends. I really told myself I will not be nega this year because it’ll be just me who will suffer. So every time I receive a message from talk shit people, I just ignore them and tell myself to just entertain those who made an effort. And so I did. And I was happy.

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8 thoughts on “Friday’s 10 Happy Things // 4

  1. Congrats on your internship! And I’m glad you had a great time with your cousins. I used to be close with mine but family drama happened and I’d rather not see most of them anymore haha.


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